News Nuggets: Have the Oscars foretold the reelection of President Obama?

Did the Oscars seal the election for Barack Obama? “A strange pattern has emerged over the past 50 years, and it seems an incumbent president’s hopes for re-election are tied to which films win big at the two major Hollywood award shows. Specifically, if a film is named Best Picture (Drama) at the Golden Globes and Best Picture at the Academy Awards, the Republican candidate is elected. If not, the Democrat wins. The theory applies to the year the films are awarded, not the year they are released–this year’s awards went to films released last year–and if it holds, ‘The Descendants” inability to repeat its Golden Globes triumph at this year’s Oscars means Obama will win.” CNN

Are the Razzie Awards any less star-struck than the Oscars? “If the Oscars are ultimately a popularity contest, the Razzies are sort of an anti-popularity contest: To be a serious Razzies candidate, you have to be famous enough to be truly disliked … Just like with the Academy Awards, it’s all about star power. That’s why you won’t see universally loathed movies like ‘Apollo 18’ or ‘Shark Night 3D’ win a Razzie. The Razzies make fun of only the fattest of targets, and in doing so they commit the same crime as the Oscars—they judge movies as a function of fame and publicity.” DEADSPIN

Seth Rogen criticizes Chris Brown and the Grammys: “Seth Rogen took to the stage at the Independent Spirit Awards last weekend and made sure he used the opportunity to sound off his own opinions about Chris Brown’s recent negative press: ‘The Grammys… seem much more forgiving than the Oscars altogether… Seriously, if you say a few hateful things, they don’t let you within 100 feet of the Oscars. You could literally beat the s— out of a nominee and they ask you to perform twice at the Grammys.'” ENTERTAINMENTWISE.COM

An idea to improve the Motion Picture Academy’s diversity: “The academy says part of the reason it hasn’t been easy to make itself younger or more diverse is because its memberships are for life and rules allow the organization to bring in only 30 new voters each year beyond the number of spots created by deaths or retirements. The academy could easily decide to put its oldest voters on retired status after a certain point — a step that is now strictly voluntary. For example, if you haven’t had a credit in 25 years, you’d become an emeritus member, which would entitle you to all the perks the academy offers, minus the voting. Currently, approximately 5% of the voting membership is over age 85. If they were put on emeritus status, that would presumably open up the membership rolls to a younger, more vital constituency.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

Was a 9/11 joke cut from “Les Infideles” to help Jean Dujardin‘s chances of winning the Oscar? “Talking to his wife on the phone while he is seducing the woman, Dujardin stands by a window where, in the background, an airline can be seen flying into the World Trade Centre, as it did on September 11th 2001. Dujardin has his back to the terrorist atrocity in which thousands died, and says to his wife: ‘Yes, yes, my darling, everything is fine!’ … Le Point magazine claimed the sketch ‘could have been fatal’ to his chances of success. Instead Dujadin’s ‘little secret was kept right until the end’ said Le Point, adding: ‘The actor and co-producer of ‘Les Infideles’ indeed feared that the world of American cinema would take offence to the short scene.'” TELEGRAPH

Adele spends her 22nd week at number-one, while Whitney Houston remains at number-two: “The English singer shifted another 297,000 copies of “21” (Columbia) last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan data for the week ending Feb. 26. Set marked a drop of 59% from Adele’s record post-Grammys take of 730,000 units last week … The late Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Hits’ (Arista/Sony) maintained its post at No. 2, selling 174,000 copies (down just 1%). Houston’s sales renaissance continued in the wake of her death on Feb. 11, as two of her catalog titles entered the top 10.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE

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