News Nuggets: Is ‘The Three Stooges’ a Razzie Award contender?

Razzies founder John Wilson blasts “The Three Stooges“: “… however indefensible the old ‘Three Stooges’ shorts and movies may have been, the idea of even bothering to do a pale imitation of them, as this new movie does, seems pointless and utterly unoriginal to us — kinda like 90% of what Hollywood is putting out these daze. It is our hope that the 2012 ‘Three Stooges’ movie fails so spectacularly that any similar projects in the development pipeline are killed off before reaching fruition.” RAZZIES

What do Razzie members think of the prospects of “The Three Stooges”? “I don’t remember how I felt about the original Stooges when I was young. I did see ‘A Ducking They Did Go’ a few months ago. It was funny… but very repetitive. The way they hit each other was always the same. And from what I know, that was their ‘routine’ in every movie. Even when I watch homages or parodies of them, they feel too long. The short I saw was only 17 minutes long…but it should’ve been about 5 minutes. And now we get this full lenght feature! I read that it’s actually divided in two halves, with different storylines… but still!” RAZZIES

Stunt coordinator Jack Gill pushes for Oscar recognition for stunt work: “Gill, a master stunt coordinator whose credits range from ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ to ‘Fast Five,’ has spent the past 21 years trying to get the Academy to salute the risky work of the men and women who make the Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Jeremy Renners look so dangerous. And he will have his chance again in three weeks when he meets with Dawn Hudson, the new Academy leader, to formally petition the organization to consider a new category.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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Director Julie Taymor honored at the Ashland Independent Film Festival: “She was presented with the 2012 Artistic Achievement Award on Sunday, April 15, during the Awards Celebration held at the Historic Ashland Armory. Ashland Independent Film Festival held an on-stage interview with Taymor on Friday, April 13. The interview, ‘Essential Transformation: In Conversation with Julie Taymor,’ was led by Oregon Shakespeare Festival Artistic Director Bill Rauch.” BROADWAY WORLD

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