News Nuggets: Meeting Meryl Streep reduces grown women to tears

Meeting Meryl Streep freaks out her fellow Oscar-nominees: “Even so much as a ‘hello’ from the 62-year-old screen chameleon is utter kryptonite for today’s actresses — she’s reduced grown women to tears, stuttering and star-struckness — and now she’s taken another victim: ‘The Artist‘ star Berenice Bejo. ‘Meryl came up to me and said that she and her family watched the movie three times and that the movie will stay around forever,’ Bejo told E! Online’s Marc Malkin. ‘She said I should be very proud of it.’ These run-ins result in varied levels of freak outs among Tinseltown’s best — from Melissa McCarthy to Jessica Chastain — below, a brief history of people meeting Meryl Streep.” MOVIEFONE

Can “Bridesmaids” actually win the Original Screenplay Oscar? “Flat-out comedies ‘Juno’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ have both won the screenplay Oscar, as have a bushel of comedy-dramas including ‘Spotless Mind,’ ‘Lost in Translation,’ ‘Almost Famous,’ ‘American Beauty,’ ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ and ‘Sideways’ (and several of those were simply classified by the Golden Globes as comedies, for what it’s worth). Still, it’s not enough to simply make an audience laugh: You’ve got to have heart, too, and ‘Bridesmaids’ has that in abundance, as well as a surprising amount of genuinely sad, emotional scenes.” VULTURE

Could this be Brad Pitt‘s year after all? “Pitt is likely using his considerable star power to give ‘Moneyball‘ (a passion project that it took him half a decade to make) a boost. He is also lending his support to co-star Jonah Hill’s unlikely campaign for Best Supporting Actor for a portrayal that Pitt describes as ‘a study in reserve.’ The somewhat counter-intuitive result may be that Pitt’s own bid for Oscar will receive some momentum. He has the goodwill as well as a strong performance.” IN CONTENTION

Oscar nominees luncheon tomorrow: “Eighteen of the 20 nominees in the acting categories will be among more than 150 Oscar nominees who will gather at noon on Monday, February 6, at the Beverly Hilton when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honors this year’s Oscar contenders at its annual Nominees Luncheon. Additional confirmations are expected to come in over the weekend. From the Best Actress and Actor categories all the nominees … are expected to attend.” DEADLINE

For your consideration — ‘Hugo‘s’ dog Blackie: “By now you’ve probably heard about Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese’s campaign to snag a nomination for his Hugo canine thespian, Blackie, the Doberman Pinscher for Dog News Daily’s Golden Collar Awards. After writing a persuasive op-ed in the LA Times, and bemoaning Blackie’s GC omission on ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show this week, Blackie is now an official write-in nominee for best performance by a dog in a feature film … A source close to the Golden Collar Awards told THR last week that the reason why Blackie didn’t get an initial nod is that they had concerns about some of Blackie’s performance being computer enhanced.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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