News Nuggets: Tom Cruise for Clint Eastwood’s ‘A Star is Born’?

Does Clint Eastwood want Tom Cruise for “A Star is Born”? “Clint Eastwood is hoping to persuade Hollywood renaissance man Tom Cruise to take the lead in his forthcoming remake of A Star Is Born opposite Beyoncé, Deadline reports. Cruise is just the latest Hollywood A-lister to be attached to the role in what will be the fourth version of the story, which sees a fading star fall in love with a youthful ingenue who begins to eclipse him.” GUARDIAN

Oscar nominations moved up in 2013 to test online voting: “There has been speculation for years that the ceremony would be moved to early February or late January to try and trim a marathon awards season while keeping films fresher for potential viewers, TheWrap reports … But a move to an earlier Oscars is still a long way off. After a trial run at online voting next year, the Academy needs to find a way to make the voting period shorter through streaming nominated films to voters. Documentary is already in the works, and short film and foreign language categories are coming up next.” CELEBRITY CAFE

Why HBO’s “Luck” ran out of luck: “The cancelation of ‘Luck’ while in production on its second season came as something of a shock Wednesday, but certainly made sense in the big picture. Two horses were unfortunately killed during the filming of Season 1 and a third died recently while filming Season 2. But to claim HBO was quick to pull the plug after the third horse died because the ratings for ‘Luck’ were meager – and conversely would have kept a hit show like ‘Game of Thrones‘ on the air despite such deaths – is to ignore the HBO business model … Buzz, hype  – and awards – are essential to the formula that fuels HBO’s business model and three dead horses is not the kind of buzz HBO is after.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Mad Men” creator already has his eye on the finish line: “… Matthew Weiner is already looking ahead to the series’ seventh and likely final season. ‘I think the plan is for (“Mad Men” to run for) seven years,’ Weiner said tonight at a PaleyFest panel. ‘Seven years sounds like the right amount…My whole thing is, I don’t want to overstay our welcome. And it’s really hard … I was with “The Sopranos” the last three seasons of the show, and what happens is you just start running into the places where you’ve been over and over again and it just becomes impossible,’ he said.” DEADLINE

Bruce Springsteen ends Adele‘s number-one run on the Billboard chart: “Springsteen’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ LP sold 196,000 copies in its first week and hit Number One on the Billboard album chart, ending Adele’s 23-week run at the top. The not-so-good news is the same thing that’s plagued rock stars from Van Halen to Coldplay – Springsteen’s new singles, even the Grammy-opening ‘We Take Care of Our Own,’ are nowhere to be found on the charts.” ROLLING STONE

The Ghanta Awards are India’s answer to the Razzies: “Ghanta Awards started to be handed out two years ago, when Karan Anshuman thought that it would be shame if Bollywood did not have a provision to award the bad movies, given the amount of rubbish it produces each year. This year’s awards have got some distinguished nominees to boast of.” DAILY BHASKAR

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