News Nuggets: Tony Bennett wouldn’t mind a couple more Grammys

Tony Bennett has 15 Grammys, but he wouldn’t mind a couple more: “Nominated this year for ‘Duets II,’ he says a win with Amy Winehouse (they did ‘Body and Soul‘) would be very special. ‘She had the gift of knowing how to sing as good as and was influenced by Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald. Her dream was to become very, very famous doing that.’ A posthumous win for Winehouse would be a testament to her talent, he says. A win for the album would be a big strike for proper training.” SIOUX CITY JOURNAL

Martin Scorsese‘s New York connection: “More than any other great director, Martin Scorsese — born in Queens, raised in lower Manhattan — is ours. Films like ‘Mean Streets,’ ‘Taxi Driver,’ ‘Raging Bull’ and ‘Goodfellas’ haven’t simply reflected New York, they’ve helped to define it. And it doesn’t matter how far afield he ventures, he still dreams of home … these days, it seems Scorsese is past the point of worrying about accolades. He’s more concerned with honoring other works, via film preservation and education. Both passions are evident throughout ‘Hugo,’ as they were in a recent conversation with the Daily News.” NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane, depicted in “Moneyball,” will attend the Oscars: “Beane felt that [Brad Pitt] did an excellent job in his portrayal, and told the San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Of course, absolutely I’m rooting for him. Not me. It’s got nothing to do with me. It’s all about Brad. He’s a great guy, and I do want him to win for his sake, not for me. He’s the one who put himself on the line. He’s one of the producers, and he was the driving force behind getting the movie made. Anything he gets, he deserves.’ Beane will attend with his wife and is hoping his daughter Casey will be there. She is currently attending college in Ohio.” YAHOO! SPORTS

Can you outguess Roger Ebert‘s Oscar predictions? “I bring you this year’s Outguess Ebert Contest … In self-defense, I will point out that the deadline for my predictions was Feb. 7, with the Oscars more than two weeks away, on Feb. 26. Predicting so far in advance is a handicap, and as a result, you have an excellent chance of outguessing me. Still, this annual contest is fun and provides me with an opportunity to show how badly I can do.” ROGER EBERT’S JOURNAL

Golden Globes trial closing argument: “‘They stole the rights!’ declared Hollywood Foreign Press Association lawyer Daniel Petrocelli in summing up Dick Clark Productions in his closing argument today. ‘The servant has become the master.’ His courtroom audience included a crowd of past, present and probably future HFPA Presidents, as well as executives from DCP and its owner Red Zone Capitol, ‘because of 12 words slipped into a contract that nobody read.’ Petrocelli said ‘our rights are being held hostage’ by the the 1993 perpetuity amendment that is the focus of the case.” DEADLINE

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