News Nuggets: What are Meryl Streep’s best nominated performances?

Ranking Meryl Streep‘s best nominated performances: “We started this blogging experiment by asking readers to rank all the Streep Oscar Nominated performances they’d seen. Then we shared reader stories of how you first discovered Streep. I tabulated all the results, weighting the ballots so the readers who had seen the most films counted for more. Now we’ve reached the tippity top of Streep performances!” THE FILM EXPERIENCE

Three Academy members reveal who they’re voting for and why: “Three academy members. Three branches. Three ballots. We peruse the actual Oscar votes of an actor (male, in his 60s), a director (male, 40s) and a producer (male, 50s) — not for any further clarity on the race; after trudging down the now threadbare red carpets for the last few months, we’re pretty sure we know who will prevail. But looking over some of these insiders’ picks does reaffirm the idea that, until the envelope is opened and the winner’s name is read, anything remains possible.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

Are there benefits to being the Oscar underdog? “With 11 days to go before Oscar ballots are due, ‘The Artist‘ seems to have the best picture race wrapped up. For a rival contender like ‘The Descendants,’ that might not be an entirely bad thing. Hollywood loves an underdog. That kind of sentiment helped push ‘Million Dollar Baby’ over ‘The Aviator’ in 2005 and ‘Crash’ over ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in 2006. The question this year has become whether ‘The Descendants,’ starring George Clooney and directed by Alexander Payne, can turn that same status into an asset. Or has it simply slipped too far back?” NEW YORK TIMES

This year’s Oscar-nominated screenwriters sit down for a panel discussion: “One of the events that has become a tradition of this week is Jeff Goldsmith’s panel of Oscar-nominated screenwriters … This year’s panel took place Monday night at the Los Angeles Film School. Goldsmith’s podcast of the panel is now on iTunes. Here’s a look at how it went down. This year’s attendees included Annie Mumolo (‘Bridesmaids‘), Nat Faxon and Jim Rash (‘The Descendants‘), JC Chandor (‘Margin Call‘), and Peter Straughan (‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy‘).” AWARDS DAILY

Passengers onboard a Chicago-LA flight got to mingle with Oscar: “Passengers on United Airlines Flight 531 from Chicago to Los Angeles didn’t just get to travel with a world-famous celebrity, they also had their picture taken with him. The affable celebrity was Oscar – as in the Academy Awards statuette – who rode in first class alongside film academy president Tom Sherak before making the rounds during the five-hour commercial flight to pose for photos … Passengers used cell phones and pocket cameras to snap photos with the Oscars as airline workers held a show-related trivia contest, awarding hoodies and hats from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.” SF GATE

Five potential buzz-worthy moments at this weekend’s Grammys: “Once the Grammy Award proceedings get underway Sunday, online chatter will certainly focus on which artist is collecting the most trophies (read: Adele, Adele and Adele), who is wearing the most flagrantly freaky outfit as well as — much to my chagrin — anything semi-offensive that may occur on live television. But there are other appearances, performances and potential developments that have strong potential to turn into trending Twitter topics come Sunday. Here are five of them.” WASHINGTON POST

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