News Nuggets: What are Oscar’s worst-reviewed Best Picture nominees?

Rotten Tomatoes lists Oscar’s worst reviewed Best Picture nominees: “Much has been made of the fact that when this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees were announced, ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close‘ — currently sporting a rather sad 45 percent on the Tomatometer — ended up making the cut. All that consternation got us to thinking about previous Best Picture nominees that ended up on the Rotten end of the spectrum — and made us wonder where ‘Extremely’ fit on the list of movies that the Academy enjoyed more than the critics. So is it the worst Best Picture nominee of all time?” ROTTEN TOMATOES

Tariq Khan offers fourteen jokes for Billy Crystal, free of charge: “Do you remember the clever quips from hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin in 2010? Or the hilarious zingers from hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway last year? Of course not – because there weren’t any. This year, I’m again offering more free jokes for the Oscar show. And good news – my favorite host Billy Crystal is back for a ninth time. I wrote these especially for him, and I know that he’ll appreciate them.” FOX NEWS

What will become of the Daytime Emmy Awards? “‘People are tweeting about voting,’ says Stephanie Sloane, editorial director of Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly. ‘They’re going over the tapes. Everyone’s moving ahead as if there will be a show or moving ahead with the whole process.’ It’s optimistic behavior, considering the award show’s production company, Associated Television International, surprised industry watchers last week by announcing that it bowed out of producing this year’s Daytime Emmys broadcast.” NEW YORK POST

CBS will continue to air the Kennedy Center Honors through 2018: “No big surprise here — the gala has been broadcast on CBS every year since its launch 34 years ago. It’s one of the longest-running broadcast partnerships in TV history … Of late, the Honors broadcast has become an Emmy staple for the network. The 2011 Emmy competition marked the broadcast’s third consecutive win for best variety, musical or comedy special. The franchise has won eight Emmys.” WASHINGTON POST

Has Natalie Portman ended Oscar’s Best Actress curse? “A startling number of Best Actress Oscar winners have ended their relationships within a year or two after taking home the award, a trend that has come to be known as the ‘Oscar curse.’ ‘It’s not a theory, it’s been scientifically proven,’ said Bradley Jacobs, a movie editor for Us Weekly. ‘Sometimes they end right away, other times it takes six months or a year, but they do end.’ Natalie Portman, who won the Best Actress Oscar last year for her role as a deeply disturbed ballerina in ‘Black Swan,’ is one of the few whose relationship hasn’t been doomed by the award, yet.” ABC NEWS

Moneyball” deserved a Best Director nomination, according to Oliver Lyttelton: “Arguably the most widely-liked of the Best Picture nominees, or at least the film with fewest detractors, ‘Moneyball,’ according to the Academy, appears to have directed itself. Bennett Miller, who was nominated for his debut ‘Capote,’ didn’t just fail to get a nomination this time around, but according to prognosticators, he never really had a shot … the directing category honors showy work, films which have obviously Been Directed, but Miller’s egoless work on ‘Moneyball’ is there to serve his story and his actors.”  INDIEWIRE

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