News Nuggets: What should Jimmy Kimmel do as Primetime Emmys host?

What should Jimmy Kimmel do as host of the Primetime Emmys? “One of the things we enjoy most about Kimmel is his ability to cash in on his close relationships with celebrities and how many of them he manages to involve in his parody videos or sketches — all in the name of fun, of course. Given the great success of ‘Movie: The Movie,’ a star-studded parody trailer for a nonexistent blockbuster, we’re thinking he can work his magic for something TV-related: a mini-TV movie like ‘TV Movie: The TV Movie,’ for example.” MTV

Survey shows that people who see more movies tend to see more Oscar movies: “… it comes as no surprise that people who watch more movies are more likely to watch Oscar-nominated movies. Among those respondents watching three or more movies in the past three months, 88 percent have seen three or more Oscar nominated films. At the other end of the spectrum, among respondents who have not seen a movie at all in the past three months 50 percent have not see any Oscar-nominated films.” PR WEB

Jane Fonda will play Nancy Reagan in upcoming Lee Daniels film: “According to Variety, the 74-year-old actress is set to play former First Lady Nancy Regan in the upcoming film ‘The Butler.’ Directed by Lee Daniels (‘Precious’), the film follows White House butler Eugene Allen and the 34 years he spent working at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Forest Whitaker is currently in talks to play Allen, with Oprah [Winfrey] potentially playing his wife. Liam Neeson and John Cusack are being considered for the presidential roles of Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon, respectively.” MOVIEFONE

Why wasn’t “The Hunger Games” available to Academy members? “Normally the Academy is given top priority by studios and distributors – whether it’s awards season or not – and it would seem to be a given (even if it’s not obvious Oscar material)  to screen such an anticipated film, particularly one directed by a previous Oscar nominee (Gary Ross) and with a cast and crew full of past nominees and winners. But my sources tell me the Academy’s committee in charge of booking their weekend screening series did indeed approach Lionsgate distribution contacts twice in order to secure a March screening of the film for their NY and LA membership and were turned down.” DEADLINE

Italian newspaper criticizes the David di Donatello Awards: “The newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano, criticized the awards as being selected by a jury of ‘the relatives [of important industry figures], politicians, building contractors, and the usual suspects.’ It named the country’s powerful antitrust chief Antonio Catricala, long-time Silvio Berlusconi political ally Gianni Letta, the former head of the trash collection from Rome’s landmark Cinema Adriano, the wife of the twin brother of controversial Senator Marcello Dell’Utri, and members of the influential De Laurentiis film family as suspect members of the list of 1,600 people who vote for the prestigious prizes.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott discusses the inspiration for their ACM-nominated album: “Hillary Scott says the songs on ‘Own the Night,’ which picked up a Grammy award earlier this year, carry a common thread throughout. ‘The theme that I’ve seen throughout it is a lot of these songs are about very specific moments in time,’ she said. ‘It’s not just an overall emotion or an overall feeling that’s portrayed in a song. It’s just very specific to moments that, throughout your life, end up defining who you are.'” GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY

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