Box office report: Mixed results for Oscar nominees

The first weekend after the Oscar nominations were announced yielded mixed results for the top contenders.



Albert Nobbs” (Roadside Attractions) – week 1
$772,730 in 245 theaters; PSA: $3,155
A surprisingly large opening for this niche film yielded only so-so returns. The good news — Oscar bids for Glenn Close and Janet McTeer — was countered by some bad reviews. 

Bottom line: Next weekend will be telling as to whether this film expands further or contracts. 

The Iron Lady” (The Weinstein Co.) – week 5
$3,190,000 in 1,244 theaters (+168); PSA: $2,564; Cumulative: $17,504,482
The PSA is off by one-third but the film still ranked #13 for the week.

Bottom line: That this British picture has appealed to American audiences is a testament to Meryl Streep

A Separation” (Sony Pictures Classics) – week 5
$281,000 in 31 theaters (+18); PSA: $9,065; Cumulative: $892,536
More than doubling its screens, its PSA dropped by 40%. 

Bottom line: This Foreign Language Oscar contender should outdo last year’s winner “In a Better World.”

Pina” (IFC-Sundance Selects) – week 6
$186,000 in 35 theaters (+25); PSA: $5,314; Cumulative: $1,048,283
A big jump in screens meant a drop of 60% in the PSA. 

Bottom line: Despite a boost from 3D ticket prices and a Documentary Oscar bid, this dance documentary remains a hard sell.

The Artist” (The Weinstein Co.) – week 10
$3,315,000 in 895 theaters (+235); PSA: $3,696; Cumulative: $16,744,098
After tripling its screens last weekend, it jumped by another third this week but upped its PSA by only $100. 

Bottom line: This Best Picture frontrunner has already outgrossed 2009 champ “The Hurt Locker.” That is a testament to the appeal of this silent black-and-white French import.  

Hugo” (Paramount) – week 10
$2,275,000 in 965 theaters (+315); PSA: $2,358; Cumulative: $58,690,582
It added 50% more theaters in light of its leading 11 Oscar bids and saw takings rise on a PSA by an impressive two-thirds. 

Bottom line: With a Best Picture win looking less likely by the day, expect this long-running film to taper off in the coming weeks. 

The Descendants” (Fox Searchlight) – week 11
$6,550,000 in 2,001 theaters (+1,441); PSA: $3,273; Cumulative: $58,848,014
Tripling its screens to top 2,000 paid off as it ranked #7 for the week. That the PSA was off by only 25% says something about the staying power of this picture. 

Bottom line: This will easily top helmer Alexander Payne‘s “Sideways” which took in $70 milion and will go much higher if George Clooney wins the Best Actor Oscar.



Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” (Warner Brothers) – week 6
$7,145,000 in 2,630 theaters (unchanged); PSA: $2,717; Cumulative – $21,106,254
That surprise Best Picture paid off as, in its second wide week, takings were down by just 29%.  

Bottom line: Being able to tout the film as an Oscar contender will help keep interest in this tough film which is also benefitting from positive WOM. 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (Sony) – week 6
$2,225,000 in 1,202 theaters (-705); PSA: $1,851; Cumulative: $98,245,113
While that unexpected Best Actress bid for Rooney Mara helps, the lack of a Best Picture nom hinder. 

Bottom line: The film will reach $100 million but not much more than that. 

War Horse” (Buena Vista) – week 6
$2,002,000 in 1,861 theaters (-664); PSA: $1,076; Cumulative: $75,617,391
This lost one-third of its theaters despite that Best Picture bid but kept about the same PSA. 

Bottom line: Expect this one to fade even further in the home stretch to Oscar night. 

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” (Focus) – week 8
$1,056,000 in 410 theaters (-321); PSA: $2,576; Cumulative: $20,121,333
The Best Actor nod for Gary Oldman kept the PSA static. 

Bottom line: This thriller should scare up enough crowds to stay in theaters till Oscar weekend.

My Week with Marilyn” (The Weinstein Co.) – week 10
$335,000 in 186 theaters (-39); PSA: $1,801; Cumulative: $12,592,352
Despite a slight drop in screens, the PSA was up by one-third as audiences turned out to see nominees Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh. 

Bottom line: Expect it to play to this level till Oscar weekend. 

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