Glenn Close: Next Queen of Oscar losers?

If the pundits are right, the King of Oscar losers, Peter O’Toole, is about to get a new queen: Glenn Close.

It’s a crowded throne — because two stars already reign as the biggest losers among actresses at the Academy Awards: Deborah Kerr and Thelma Ritter, with six defeats each. Having lost five times to date, Close (“Albert Nobbs“) is pegged to do it again, according to the Oscarologists at GoldDerby, who rank her in fourth place with 14 to 1 odds behind Viola Davis (8 to 13 odds for “The Help”), Meryl Streep (4 to 1 odds for “The Iron Lady“) and Michelle Williams (12 to 1 for “My Week with Marilyn“). Rooney Mara is in distant last (33 to 1 odds for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“).


Technically, Peter O’Toole actually rules with the most over-all losses with no wins among all actors:

Peter O’Toole – 8
Richard Burton – 7
Deborah Kerr  – 6
Thelma Ritter  – 6
Glenn Close – 5
Irene Dunne – 5
Albert Finney – 5
Arthur Kennedy – 5

Geraldine Page lost more often than all other actresses — seven times — but then she finally won for “The Trip to Bountiful” (1985) so she’s no longer on this infamous list of losers.

The fact that O’Toole tops the list spanning both genders doesn’t seem to bother him much. In the past, he’s admitted that it would be “nice to win,” but he thinks it’s cool to be in the history books as “the record holder for the one who never won one,” he told the L.A. Times.

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Glenn Close declined comment for this article, but she’s slyly spoken up in the past about her dubious bad luck with the motion picture academy.

“I’ve often been mistaken for Meryl Streep, although never on Oscar night,” she quipped.

The first time Close was nominated for an Oscar (“The World According to Garp”) was the same year that double champ Streep won for the last time (“Sophie’s Choice”) – 1982. They didn’t compete against each other because Streep was in the lead category and Close was in supporting where she lost to Jessica Lange (“Tootsie”).


In 1987, they clashed in the same Best Actress category. Close was up for “Fatal Attraction” and Streep for “Ironweed,” but they got upstaged by that notorious diva Cher in “Moonstruck.”

One year later, they squared off again – Close in “Dangerous Liaisons” and Streep in “A Cry in the Dark” — but Jodie Foster (“The Accused”) prevailed.

Close’s other two past nominations were for supporting actress in “The Big Chill” (she lost to Linda Hunt in “The Year of Living Dangerously”) and “The Natural” (she got skunked by Peggy Ashcroft in “A Passage to India”).

This year Close returns to the lead actress race where, curiously, she’s pitted against Streep again.

But what is really, really odd is that Close has had such trouble winning an Oscar considering her good luck at other showbiz awards. She’s won three Emmys: two for “Damages” (2008, 2009) and one for the 1995 TV film “Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story.” She’s also bagged two Golden Globes: one for “Damages” (2007) and the another for the TV film “The Lion in Winter” (2004). She won a SAG Award (“The Lion in Winter”) and even a People’s Choice Awards (Favorite Film Actress of 1988). She also has three Tonys: “Sunset Boulevard” (1995), “Death and the Maiden” (1992) and “The Real Thing” (1984).

Photo: Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” (Paramount Pictures)

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