Gold Derby mystery: Our Oscars predix champ Snuggle4 will not come out!

After achieving the highest score in our Oscar predictions contest (88%), Gold Derby user Snuggle4 has become a star, but a stubborn one who will not reveal his/her real identity.

“Who is Snuggle4?” asks Jeff Wells of Hollywood-Elsewhere, eager to give “credit where due. Snuggle4 was way ahead of the top three Gold Derby ‘experts’ who got 80% right — Deadline‘s Pete Hammond, Fox NewsTariq Khan and Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone. Why doesn’t he/she have his/her own awards season column?”

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But when contacted by Gold Derby, Snuggle4 – who uses the image at right as ID at his/her profile page (reminiscent of the mascot of Snuggle laundry fabric softener) – refused to reveal his/her name. The response we received from him/her is below:

“Can we just skip the name part and suffice it to say I’m an industry gadfly. I live in Los Angeles and have been an awards junkie for years, but my specialty has always been the Oscars. I usually hit at about a 75-80% clip, with my personal best being for the year of 1987, when I went 21 out of 22 (I will never forgive The Man Who Planted Trees for winning Best Animated Short).  

“My philosophy on picking winners is easy – don’t listen to bloggers and JUST SEE THE FILMS! Down to the last nominated documentary short. Listen to industry buzz, but pay no mind to film critics or you’ll be Social Networked right out of contention.

“There are a few reliable systems I use, one of which served my quite nicely this year. The reason I picked ‘Hugo’ for VFX when everyone else was on ‘Apes,’ was because every year except 1970, when a BP nominee is in this category, it wins. Sadly, the most obvious trend I ignored which was since 1998, at least one acting winner has gone to someone who played a real-life person. Meryl continued the trend.

“I was delighted ‘The Artist’ won, which I may humbly add, I called back in October. Crystal was fine, but bring back Martin & Baldwin, they’re comic gold! And for those who gripe about the Oscars being out of touch with the public, I say thank God! If you want to see popular films win, watch the People’s Choice Awards and let the people who actually make the films have their say. And now on to the ACM’s and go Taylor!

“Oh and one last piece of Oscar trivia- this year breaks a record for Best Picture winners. It’s the first time a film title starting with the same word has won 3 times in a row (The Hurt Locker, The King’s Speech, and now The Artist), breaking a previous tie with the word All (‘All The King’s Men’ and ‘All About Eve’). Now how’s that for obscure!”

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