Podcast: Oscars update with Sasha Stone and Tom O’Neil

Sasha Stone (AwardsDaily) and I are really, let’s face it, the Adam and Eve of online Oscarology — or, rather, the mom and dad of Oscar bloggers. Back in 1999-2000, we spawned the first websites devoted to noodling the Academy Awards. Sasha created the old Oscarwatch.com, which evolved into AwardsDaily and I hatched the original Gold Derby, which was temporarily acquired by the L.A. Times in 2005, then relaunched as an independent domain in 2010.

We’ve come a long way, Sasha and I, as good comrades and great pals watching more and more pundits and websites join this game. Don’t be confused by cheap imitations. We’re the originals. Now settle in and listen to mom and dad tell you the real story of what’s going on in this year’s wacky derby.

We begin with the key players behind the scenes, the ones you don’t know — those powerful Oscar campaigners who make magic happen. “It’s the clash of the titans this year!” Sasha warns. We name names and tell you which ponies they’re riding …. listen below.

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