News Nuggets: Cambodia makes first Oscar submission in 18 years

Dominic West‘s family tried to persuade him not to take his BAFTA-winning role: “His family tried to talk him out of it. After all, who would want a loved one to get inside the head of Britain’s most notorious serial killer? ‘They were appalled,’ admits the 42-year-old star of ‘Appropriate Adult,’ ITV’s two-part drama about Fred West. ‘My sisters and my wife all thought it was a terrible idea and they didn’t want me to do it.’ They weren’t alone. ‘There was definitely a sense in all the papers that it was a subject not to be tackled,’ he adds. ‘But I think it’s the role of drama to show these things, while being mindful of the immense suffering of the victims. In the end, I think we took a very difficult subject and handled it with respect and sensitivity.'” EXPRESS

Trace Adkins and Kristin Chenoweth return as American Country Awards hosts: “Trace Adkins will tower over Kristin Chenoweth once again as the unlikely duo have signed on to co-host the American Country Awards for the second straight year. The ‘Ladies Love Country Boys’ singer says he’s excited to be reuniting with the ‘Wicked’ Broadway star. ‘I’m looking forward to cutting loose again with Kristin, who’s quite the firecracker comedienne, while we also take viewers through an evening of great music and awards,’ Adkins said in a statement. For her part, the 4′ 11″ Chenoweth is looking forward to seeing Adkins — 6′ 6″ — and his ‘big personality and even bigger boots’ again.” BILLBOARD

Tony-winner James Corden fills in as New York Post columnist: “When [Michael] Riedel kindly asked me to fill in for him today, I was truly honoured. My head was instantly full of ideas of how I could make this the best column ever. It would be a piece that people would talk about for years. Everyone would remember where they were when they read it. It would be passed down through generations, so our children and our children’s children could enjoy what is now known as the finest ‘stand in’ theatrical column anyone had ever read. And yet now, as I sit in front of my computer I have no idea what to write. Where to start, even.” NEW YORK POST

Cambodia makes its first Oscar submission in 18 years: “Cambodia has submitted Chhay Bora’s ‘Lost Loves’ to the best foreign-language film category of the Academy Awards, marking the first time in 18 years that the country has sent a film to the Oscars. The Cambodia Oscar Selection Committee (COSC) voted unanimously for the historical drama, which follows the experiences of a middle-class woman during Pol Pot’s genocidal regime. Chhay Bora and his wife Kauv Sotheary, who are both university professors, used 15 years of personal savings to finance the film, one of the first historical dramas made by Cambodians about life during the Khmer Rouge regime.” SCREEN DAILY

Julia Louis-Dreyfus discusses her record-tying 13 Emmy nominations: “On the Santa Monica set, Louis-Dreyfus got emotional discussing the whopping 13 Emmy nominations she has garnered over the past 20 years, a tally that ties her with Lucille Ball, who received the most nominations ever for a comedic actress. ‘I’m really rather sort of dumbstruck by it,’ she said, stealing a seat in [Nicole] Holofcener‘s director’s chair while a dinner scene finished lighting. ‘I didn’t know that it was 13. The meaning of that and the history of television – I can get all teary just talking about it, to tell you the truth, because I can’t believe it. It’s overwhelmingly good.'” USA TODAY

Steve Pond sizes up the current state of the Oscar derby: “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is one of the few Oscar contenders from 2012 first 8 months: “… the first eight months of the year brought few films likely to square off against those at the Dolby Theatre  next February. From this perspective, first-time director Benh Zeitlin‘s lyrical and startling ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ looks to have by far the best chance of becoming a serious contender. And newcomer Quvenzhane Wallis — who just turned nine, but who was only five when she auditioned for Zeitlin — will all-but-certainly seize Michel Hazanavicius‘ 2011 spot as the tongue-twisting name that Oscar-watchers had better learn to pronounce.” THE WRAP

Why can’t Jon Hamm ever win an Emmy? “It seems like Jon Hamm just can’t catch a break. Every year that the so-called ‘most acclaimed drama on TV,’ ‘Mad Men,’ has been on the air, Hamm has gotten a lead acting Emmy nomination for playing the most important role on the show, Don Draper. And every single year, he’s lost. This is despite the fact that he’s been asked to carry much of the emotional load in the heavy AMC drama. Even though during the first four seasons he’s had to play the ups and downs of a man trying to figure out who he is while swimming in the shark-infested waters of 1960s advertising, he’s gone home from the Emmys without the top prize.” ZAP2IT

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