News Nuggets: What it would take to get Jerry Seinfeld to host Oscars

Jerry Seinfeld on what it would take for him to host the Oscars: “Earlier this month, it was rumored that Jimmy Fallon would host the next Academy Awards, with his former ‘Saturday Night Live‘ boss Lorne Michaels producing. Shortly after, Fallon gracefully set the record straight, revealing that 2013 would not be his year to headline the Oscars. But whose year will it be? In a new episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Web series ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,’ which depicts comedians (or, in this case, one comedian and one comedic actor) getting coffee in one of Seinfeld’s cars (this time, a signal-red 1970 Mercedes 280SL), guest Alec Baldwin asks Seinfeld what it would take to get the beloved personality and never-before-Oscar-host up on that Kodak Theater stage. The exchange occurred as the pair took a break from trading Burt Lancaster stories and anecdotes about growing up in Massapequa, New York.” VANITY FAIR

The Writers Guild calls for submissions for Best Documentary Screenplay Award. From the press release: “Submissions for the WGA’s top doc writing award may be received from August 20 through November 16, 2012. WGA Documentary Screenplay nominees will be announced on January 3, 2013, as well as Original and Adapted Screenplay nominees.  The WGA Documentary Screenplay Award will be presented, along with other film, TV, new media, radio, news, and videogame award categories, at the 2013 Writers Guild Awards on Sunday, February 17, 2013, at simultaneous ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York City … The WGA Documentary Screenplay Award was established to recognize the fact that the majority of non-fiction feature films are written, continuing to showcase the Guilds’ ongoing outreach efforts to allow those writers working within the diverse nonfiction film community to receive the benefits of a Writers Guild contract.”

There is surprisingly little overlap between Best Comedy and Best Comedy Writing at the Emmys: “Among the many shocks foisted upon sleepy journalists Emmy nomination morning was the odd revelation that only one show nominated for outstanding comedy series — HBO’s ‘Girls‘ — also had earned a slot on the ballot for writing (that would be wunderkind Lena Dunham). This means only one of the six contenders for Emmy’s second-most-prestigious prize had writing that voters loved … So what gives? Television Academy senior vp awards John Leverance offers some clarity. ‘There are 15,000 voters for the program categories and 1,400 writer voters for those categories,’ he says … A smaller voting block for writers races means more fringey entrants (like ‘Community‘) could creep in, giving the writing races their own unique, unpredictable flair.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

TV Academy chairman Bruce Rosenblum talks about his first Emmy campaign: “Warner Bros Television Group president Bruce Rosenblum is in the midst of his first Emmy campaign as chairman of the TV Academy, a post he took over in January that makes him the first top Hollywood player in two decades to lead the organization. His first major TV appearance as TV Academy chief was at the Emmy nominations announcement last month where he shared the stage with pajama-clad Primetime Emmy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel’s stint was a departure from tradition (forced by an unexpected travel complications for Nick Offerman), just like Rosenblum is looking to change things up at the TV Academy.” DEADLINE

A “Challenging” road ahead for a documentary short: “‘Challenging Impossibility,’ a short documentary about meditation master turned weightlifter Sri Chinmoy, has been shown in some 70 festival in more than 40 nations, and won seven best documentary prizes at various festivals. It has now been tipped for an Oscar nomination … There’s only one problem: It hasn’t been released yet. It’s one of the few prerequisites for a nomination: You need a release in New York or Los Angeles (and festivals don’t count). But unless your name is Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock, it’s hard to get a documentary in the cinemas. If your doco is a short, it’s an even tougher sell.” HUFFINGTON POST

Germany narrows down its list of possible Foreign Film entraants for the next Oscars: “New films from Til Schweiger, Margarette von Trotta, Christian Petzold and Leander Haussmann are among the short list candidates for Germany’s entry for the 2013 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Schweiger’s action thriller ‘Guardian Angels,’ von Trotta’s biopic ‘Hannah Arendt’ and Petzold’s East German period drama ‘Barbara’ are arguably the front runners in the short-list, which also includes Haussmann’s tragicomedy ‘Hotel Lux’ and the neo-Nazi drama ‘Kriegerin’ from first-time director David Wnendt. Other German Oscar contenders are Ulrike Schamoni‘s ‘Abscheid von den Froschen’ and ‘Die Verlorene Zeit’ from director Anne Justice.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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