News Nuggets: ‘Lincoln’ gives sneak peek of first trailer, which debuts September 13

Paramount announces “Lincoln” trailer will debut September 13: “In a bit of forward-thinking, anachronistic marketing, the Steven Spielberg-directed film about the man who saved the Union will debut its first trailer on Sept. 13 in a video chat featuring the Oscar winner and one of his stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. To build anticipation, DreamWorks has released a quick preview of the film’s trailer, which includes some shots of the Civil War and Daniel Day-Lewis‘ bearded, dead-ringer-for-Lincoln visage. Perhaps most interestingly, the mini-trailer features a voiceover that reads the Gettysburg Address in a young, Southern-tipped accent that clearly does not belong to Day-Lewis. Who could it be?” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

The Tony Awards may return to Radio City Music Hall: “The Broadway League—the national trade association responsible for putting on the Tonys—is in negotiations to bring the annual awards show back to its former home at Radio City Music Hall, according to NY1. ‘Tony management and MSG are currently in negotiations over the 2013 Tony Awards,’ a press rep for the Tony Awards said. For the past two years, Broadway’s biggest celebration was held at the Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side due to scheduling conflicts with Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zarkana.’ With no such booking scheduled for June 2013, the Tony Awards could return to Radio City, which offers a larger on- and off-stage area and more seating than the Beacon.” BROADWAY.COM

Bill Murray talks about playing Franklin Roosevelt and the disappointment of his first Oscar loss: “As light as he kept the mood in the room at the Toronto Park Hyatt, the actor did turn slightly serious when the subject of another possible Oscar nomination came up. ‘I went through it once before and it’s nice to get nominated and win some prizes,’ Murray told reporters about his 2004 nod for ‘Lost in Translation.’ ‘You get to go to dinners and tell little stories and so forth. Then you get to get dressed up in a tux a couple of times. And then you get to be on TV, [which is] sweet. And you can either win or lose. Well you’re not supposed to say lose when you talk about the Oscar. You are supposed to say “not chosen” or something. But I later realized, even though I didn’t know it at the time, that I had gotten a little caught up in the possibility of winning. So, shame on myself for getting caught in it.'” VANITY FAIR

Hugh Laurie is one of 10 great TV actors who has never won an Emmy: “Dr. Gregory House surely doesn’t care about awards; he only cares about solving the puzzle. But riddle us this: How can portraying one of the most interesting TV characters in the past decade, while spouting off medical jargon in a different accent no less, not nab you an Emmy over the course of eight seasons?! And do not get us started on the fact that he wasn’t even nominated for the final season of ‘House.’ Seriously, we’ll get violent.” E! ONLINE

Liza Minnelli will return for “Arrested Development” revival: “Guess who just got ‘Arrested’? The wonderfully kooky Liza Minnelli has landed in L.A. to shoot scenes for Netflix’s limited revival of the equally kooky 2003-06 Fox sitcom, ‘Arrested Development.’ Minnelli will reprise her role as Lucille Austero, a character who made several appearances as the older girlfriend of socially awkward Bluth son Buster (Tony Hale). The wobbly character, who suffered from debilitating vertigo, shared the same name as Bluth matriarch, Lucille (Jessica Walter). The two Lucilles were often at odds.” TV GUIDE

On the Road” stars Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund discuss the film with Scott Feinberg: “Despite the fact that the personal life of one of these actors has recently been the subject of considerable media coverage, I was never asked and would not have agreed to consent to any preconditions for this interview. Instead, I simply pursued the topics that I felt were the most important and interesting — and came away feeling that this approach had been rewarded with answers of unusual detail and candor.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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