News Nuggets: Anthony Hopkins on ‘disgusting’ awards season campaigning

Ryan Murphy will honor Norman Lear at the International Emmys: “‘Glee” co-creator Ryan Murphy didn’t hesitate when given a chance to pay tribute to his American idol, legendary TV producer Norman Lear, at the 40th International Emmy Awards. Lear’s sitcom ‘All In the Family’ – and its spinoffs ‘Maude’ and ‘The Jeffersons’ – mixed humor with an honest examination of the key social issues of the day – racism, sexism, even abortion, rape and homosexuality. Decades later, Murphy is following the path blazed by Lear with his shows, ‘Glee’ and ‘The New Normal.’ Murphy and Lear are to receive honorary awards at Monday night’s International Emmy Awards Gala.” ASSOCIATED PRESS

Milli Vanilli lost their Grammys on this day 22 years ago: “On November 19, 1990, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences took back the Grammy Award for Best New Artist that had been given to the pop duo Milli Vanilli earlier that year … there were incidents where it became very obvious that they were lip-synching on-stage. Finally the truth came out. Producer Frank Farian had come up with the concept and the sound of Milli Vanilli, and he had recorded all of the songs, but none of the singers had the sort of looks and images that he wanted to promote. So he had recruited Rob and Fab out of a  local dance club and presented them as the ‘vocalists’ behind Milli Vanilli.” INSIDE TIDEWATER

Hitchcock” star Anthony Hopkins expresses disdain for Oscar glad-handing: “Quite honestly, my agent phoned me and said, ‘Tony, you’ve got to get to New York because there’s talk of this and that.’ I said, ‘I can’t go to New York because I’m doing two films here. I’m working again on Monday, I was working Friday; I can’t possibly get to New York.’ He said, ‘Well, you’ve got to try and get out of it.’ I said, ‘No, I’m working with this film company.’ In a way, I’m sort of relieved that I don’t have to get embroiled in all this publicity face to face. Because, (a) I can’t do it, and (b) it makes no difference. You know, I’ve been around — I’ve got the Oscar myself for ‘Silence of the Lambs’ — and having to be nice to people and to be charming and flirting with them … oh, come on! People go out of their way to flatter the nominating body and I think it’s kind of disgusting. That’s always been against my nature.” HUFFINGTON POST

Steve Pond on why Oscar’s changed dates could be a ticking time bomb: “‘Key Dates Announced for the 85th Academy Awards,’ read the headline on the Sept. 18 announcement, which came significantly later than usual for the Academy and contained one seemingly innocuous line: ‘In an effort to provide members and the public a longer period of time to see the nominated films, the Academy will reveal the 85th Academy Awards nominations on Jan. 10, five days earlier than previously announced’ … But the move’s repercussions go far beyond other awards shows. A voting window that ends on Jan. 3, immediately after the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, will mean more pressure to book early screenings, more of a push to get parties and Q&As done before the holidays, and outright desperation to have screeners in voters’ hands before they head to Aspen or Hawaii for the break.” THE WRAP

Alex Gibney discusses his decision to direct the documentary “Mea Maxima Culpa,” about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal: “‘I was of two minds about it, to be honest,’ he says, remembering when producer Todd Wider came to him with New York Times journalist Laurie Goodstein‘s story about Father Lawrence Murphy, a priest revealed to have molested hundreds of boys at a school for the deaf in Milwaukee, and the four victims who labored for decades, in the face of clerical and governmental indifference, to bring Murphy to justice. ‘On the one hand, I felt an awful lot had already been done on the subject. At the same time, I’d been raised Catholic and thought that if there was something new I could contribute, I should do it.'” IN CONTENTION

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