News Nuggets: Does ‘Revenge’ have a chance at the Emmys?

Does “Revenge” have a chance at the Emmys? “‘The Good Wife‘ is the only show on a broadcast channel to be considered a favorite to take home a trophy, and it’s one that we featured in our own prediction piece earlier this year. So do any other drama series from networks have a chance? That is what we are going to be looking at over the next few days, and we are going to start with a show that has become a bit of a wild-card pick for some TV critics over the past few weeks — ‘Revenge’ … Let’s ignore the fact that there are shows out there that may be more high-brow a la ‘Mad Men‘ — this is just a thrilling show to watch.” CARTERMATT.COM

Adele‘s “21” is by far the best-selling album of 2012: “This year sounds a lot like last year. Adele’s ’21,’ the top-selling album in 2011 with 5.82 million copies, is also leading the 2012 race. The British singer’s sophomore album sold an additional 3.7 million copies this year to crush the competition on Billboard’s midyear top 10 list. Her take is more than the combined total of the next four albums and is the only title to exceed sales of 1 million copies. Unless a similar smash moves in, ’21’ could triumph again as a year-end leader, a first since Nielsen SoundScan began tallying sales in 1991.” USA TODAY

Young and the Restless” star Daniel Goddard wraps up the 2012 Daytime Emmys: “I voted on the outstanding supporting actress panel and watched the scenes between Jonathan Jackson and Julie Marie Berman (who plays Lulu on General Hospital) and I was very surprised that Julie wasn’t nominated because her reel was amazing. [Genie Francis] and [Elizabeth Hendrickson] were amazing as well. I am just blown away that Julie wasn’t nominated. Makes no sense to me! … It’s interesting that [‘General Hospital‘] won [Best Drama Series]. Do you think that the rumours of Katie Couric possibly getting the ‘GH’ slot on ABC swayed the votes for ‘GH’ because they wanted to make a statement about daytime soaps staying around and not being replaced by talk shows?” THE TV WATERCOOLER

Is Chris Brown the victim of a double standard? “But why does Brown continue to be dogged by his violent outburst when others are apparently forgiven? The dart thrown at Chris Brown, for instance, could just as easily have been aimed at Glen Campbell, who appeared at the 2012 Grammys, but in the role of beloved elder statesmen … is it because Chris Brown is black? Bringing race into the equation will elicit groans, but the idea can’t be summarily dismissed. The Chris Brown-Rihanna episode brings to mind a similar scenario that derailed the reputation of rock ’n’ roll forefather Ike Turner, who was pilloried for his abusive behavior toward former wife Tina Turner, allegations that he denied … It’s a given that Turner would never have been as warmly embraced as Campbell if he’d appeared on the Grammys. Is there a double standard?” LOS ANGELES TIMES

MGM sues over “Raging Bull 2”: “Claiming breach of contract and four other counts, MGM put the legal gloves on today with Jake LaMotta and the producers of ‘Raging Bull 2.’ In a 7-page complaint filed today … against the 91-year old former boxer and RB II Productions, MGM wants the courts to order production on ‘Raging Bull 2,’ which is currently filming in LA, stopped. Additionally, the studio wants to make sure the indie movie never sees the light of day.” DEADLINE

The Academy hosts conversations with 2012 filmmakers: “Mark Duplass talks about ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ as part of the Academy’s series of Q&A events at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Take a look at more smart conversations with the filmmakers behind ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild,’ ‘Brave,’ ‘Prometheus,’ ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ and ‘To Rome with Love,’ after the cut.” AWARDS DAILY

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