Ricky Gervais disappoints as Golden Globes host (Poll)

Ricky Gervais was “good, but not spectacular” as host of the Golden Globes, according to a Gold Derby poll. That’s the opinion of 51% of respondents. 23% said he was “disappointing,” 9% said he bombed. Only 16% claimed he was “pure gold — even better than last year.”

“Ricky Gervais was a massive disappoinment,” says Gold Derby editor Tom O’Neil. “He was mildly amusing, but not savagely funny like last year. Many of us hoped he’d even top last year, so, when measured by that expectation, he bombed.”

“It was like he wasn’t even trying,” adds senior editor Chris Beachum.

Continual references to last year’s controversial Golden Globes cast a dark shadow over the Beverly Hilton Hotel tonight. His performance this year wasn’t neutred, per se, but it was clear he’d made a willing — or unwilling — choice to tone it down. His harshest jokes were the standard late night fare you could catch nightly from Jay Leno, aimed at Kim Kardashian, her ex-husband Kris Humphries, and Justin Bieber.

Practically no celebrity in the room was the subject of a barb. Jodie Foster nicely played along when he went after her “The Beaver” starring Mel Gibson. Gervais asked Johnny Depp if he’d seen “The Tourist” yet, leaning heavily on the much-publicized jokes he made about last year’s nominated critical and commercial failure. Then there were the definite misses, like when Gervais introduced Madonna as “the queen of pop,” before pausing and shouting at Best Original Song nominee Elton John, “Not you, Elton!”

For the most part, it was almost like Gervais was obligatorily trotted out before being reeled back into the wings of the stage for fear he could go too far. Always wandering with a glass for of liquor in hand, at least Gervais seemed to be having a good time. Unfortunately, watching him enjoy himself proved to be exceptionally dull viewing for the rest of us.

Poll results cited above were the percentages logged one hour after the Golden Globes ceremony ended. The poll remains open. Vote below.

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