News Nuggets: Kate Winslet to receive CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Kate Winslet to receive a CBE from the Queen of England: “The Oscar-winning actress will get the gong in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List unveiled on Saturday. It is a reward for the 36-year-old’s ‘significant contribution’ to modern Britain. Mum-of-two Kate shot to world stardom in 1997 after her Titanic role as socialite Rose DeWitt Bukater alongside Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson. Their screen fling made the tale of the liner, sunk by an iceberg in 1912 at the cost of 1,517 lives, one of the biggest movies ever. It won 11 Oscars and raked in £1.14billion at the box office … A senior royal source said: ‘Kate and [TV choirmaster Gareth Malone] have made a significant contribution to modern Britain. The Queen is pleased to be able to reward them in her Jubilee year.'” THE SUN

As its box office grows, is it time to consider “The Avengers” a Best Picture contender? “I’ve been holding out as long as possible, but ‘The Avengers’ [came in last] weekend at number 3 at the box office. That gives it more than enough juice, joining ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar,’ to be considered a best picture contender.  One of the ways you judge the viability of a non-Oscar-y contender is if it becomes ‘too big to ignore.’ And ‘The Avengers’ has become too big to fail? Producers and Editors guild will go for it.  SAG will not.  WGA probably will.  If the Academy goes to five contenders for Best Pic, its chances slip.  But with ten, it’s an easy call.  Everybody loves a winner, unless you just watched the recall vote in Wisconsin. It’s hard to love someone who was bought and paid for by corrupt billionaires.” AWARDS DAILY

Grammy-winner Lauryn Hill fails to pay her taxes, claims she went “underground”: “A day after federal prosecutors in New Jersey charged Hill, 37, with three counts of “knowingly and willfully fail(ing) to make an income tax return to the IRS,” according court documents, Hill took to Tumblr to share her side of the story. Hill said she withdrew to heal and grow away from the forces that had oppressed and manipulated her in the past. She didn’t name any names … The singer pointed out that she paid her taxes before going underground. ‘This only stopped when it was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family,’ she wrote. Hill made a more than $1.8 million from 2005 through 2007, the years she allegedly failed to pay taxes, according to federal court documents.” ABC NEWS

Has smart TV become mainstream? “‘Storytelling itself has changed because our viewers have changed,’ ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee said this morning at his opening presentation for the Banff World Media Festival in Canada. ‘Smart is the new mainstream….If the message of 20 years ago was famously never over-estimate the intelligence of the public, I think the message of today should be never under-estimate the intelligence of the public.’ ABC has responded by promoting shows such as ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Revenge‘ and ‘Suburgatory.’ They worked while ‘the not-so-smart shows that I did? Well, I needn’t mention “Charlie’s Angels” anymore.'” DEADLINE

Alessandro Nivola will play a pivotal role in “Devil’s Knot“: “Alessandro Nivola has been tapped to star opposite Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth in ‘Devil’s Knot,’ the Atom Egoyan-directed drama about the conviction of the West Memphis 3, a trio falsely accused of a triple homicide in a controversial trial that presented no physical evidence. Nivola will play Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the young victims. It’s a pivotal role in the film; Hobbs is a controversial figure who has consistently denied any role in the murders but has come under suspicion in the 20 years since the crime was committed.” DEADLINE

Cosmopolis” gets a release date: “Twihards and Don DeLillo fans (DeLihards?), mark your calendars for Aug. 17. That’s when American audiences will finally get to see David Cronenberg’s adaptation of DeLillo’s ‘Cosmopolis,’ which stars Robert Pattinson as a (dare we say Christian Grey-esque?) billionaire who goes on an existential journey around Manhattan in a limo. If you can’t wait that long, book a flight to Canada, where the movie opens this weekend, nearly two months before its U.S. debut. (First free health care and now this.) Based on DeLillo’s 2003 novel, movie has a top-shelf cast of costars, including Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, and Samantha Morton.” EW.COM

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