SAG Awards: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The SAG Awards ceremony this weekend seemed flat and uninspired on the TV side, yet contained a couple of welcome surprises and possible Oscar foreshadowing in the film categories. Since the show airs on Turner networks TBS and TNT, why not ask/beg their biggest star, Conan O’Brien, to host next year to give the whole thing a much-needed boost of energy?


The Good
The outstanding presenter list, including many A-listers like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams, and lots more of this year’s Oscar nominees and recent Emmy winners.

Excellent film winners all across the board, especially in a year that had so many great performances.

Emotional speeches by Viola Davis (special notice to her singling out Cicely Tyson) and Octavia Spencer. Fun, lively speeches by Jean Dujardin and Christopher Plummer.

Voters resisting the temptation to try and predict the Oscar winner for Best Picture (“The Artist“) and going with one of the better choices of an actual fully-realized ensemble (“The Help“).

The “Bridesmaids” cast introducing their clip and the Martin Scorsese drinking game.

Jessica Lange (“American Horror Story“) breaking through for a fresh, new TV win (the only one of the night, by the way).

Dick Van Dyke presenting the life achievement award to Mary Tyler Moore.

SAG producers always assemble one of the best “In Memoriam” segments of any show (acknowledging character actors and big stars throughout).

The Bad
The Jean Dujardin win was nice, but Clooney and Pitt have still never earned SAG Awards for their individual film work.

Betty White (“Hot in Cleveland“) is a beloved TV legend, but last year’s award was plenty for her role on this particularly mediocre show.

The “Modern Family” ensemble win was well deserved, but the pre-planned speech utilizing the kids was not funny and indicated very much that they were all expecting the trophies.

The show’s announcer is one of the worst in the industry, and I have noticed it for many years. She gives no enthusiam to any of her introductions or gets the crowd excited about even the best of presenters.

The Ugly
Alec Baldwin (“30 Rock“) winning for the sixth consecutive time. There are other funny men working on television shows, but we would never know it by the lack of attention by the voters.

Both “Boardwalk Empire” and Steve Buscemi are very undeserving victories given all of the incredible dramas on TV today that do not put viewers to sleep.

Speaking of undeserving, the worst win possibly in the history of the SAG Awards is quite possibly the one by Paul Giamatti (“Too Big to Fail“). His role was very small and wasn’t even the fifth or sixth best performance in his own TV movie, much less the best on television from this past season. He didn’t show up because he was probably embarassed to be nominated over his own co-star William Hurt, and he certainly didn’t expect to actually win.

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