Can Sarah Palin win Worst Actress at Razzies over Adam Sandler?

The race for Worst Actress at the Razzies is between two unlikely nominees — Adam Sandler for playing the female half of fraternal twins in “Jack and Jill” and 2008 VP candidate Sarah Palin, subject of the documentary “The Undefeated.” 

While five of our Editors are backing the bid by Sandler, two of them are casting their ballots for Palin. 

As Andrew Pickett explains, “I’m sticking with Palin because the whole meaning of the Razzies is to get the most publicity and while Adam Sandler is a big Hollywood star a win for Sarah Palin would get reported in many more countries and not just in entertainment news.”

And says David Schnelwar: “I am picking Sarah Palin for Worst Actress because when ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ was released in 2004, George W. Bush won Worst Actor, George W. Bush & EITHER Condoleeza Rice OR His Pet Goat won Worst Couple, Donald Rumsfeld won Worst Supporting Actor and Britney Spears‘ small cameo in Fahrenheit 9/11 beat Condeleeza Rice for Worst Supporting Actress. 2004 was a Presidential election year and so is this year.  If President George W. Bush can beat Ben Affleck for ‘Jersey Girl’/’Surviving Christmas’ than Sarah Palin can beat Adam Sandler for ‘Jack & Jill’.”

Among the quintet forecasting Sandler to prevail, Daniel Montgomery details the depths to which this actor has sunk: “With 11 nominations, Adam Sandler has incited the wrath of Razzie voters like no one in history, even Eddie Murphy, who won three out of four acting races for ‘Norbit.’ Sarah Palin seems like the likeliest alternative, but since the release of ‘Undefeated’ the ultra right-wing Republican presidential field has made Palin look almost like Gloria Steinem, making her a less desirable target than she once was.”


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As Matt Noble notes, “With Eddie Murphy taking out the supporting actress Razzie in 2007, he paved the way for Adam Sander to take out the lead actress trophy this year. An inspiring tale for boys everywhere who for years have dreamed of breaking that glass ceiling which said only women could win awards for giving atrocious performances playing women.”


Chris Beachum echoes these sentiments: “Adam Sandler has turned into the Eddie Murphy of the film world … and that is not a compliment. He has plenty of money for the rest of his life, so he needs to focus at least some of his talents on finding or developing worthy projects. Otherwise, continued Razzies all around for Sandler and his buddies.”

Rob Licuria points out, “Adam Sandler has had his fair share of hits over the years, but never has he met with such unanimity – for how low he stooped to regurgitate this nonsense performance as the titular Jack and Jill! There was no worse travesty than Adam Sandler this year, so my vote goes to him.  Its time Sandler started looking for better material. Remember ‘Punch Drunk Love’? You can do it Mr Sandler. All will be forgiven for unleashing ‘Jack and Jill’ on the world!”

Marcus Dixon concludes, “Just like all awards shows, the Razzies are attention-seekers, and no story will be bigger this year than Adam Sandler winning for Worst Actor AND Worst Actress!”

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