News Nuggets: Seth MacFarlane responds to criticism over ‘Family Guy’ Emmy mailer

Seth MacFarlane responds to the controversy over “Family Guy” Emmy mailer: “Seth MacFarlane apologizing? As if. The ‘Family Guy’ head honcho kicked up some controversy last week when his show released Emmy consideration mailers and ads addressed to ‘Brentwood Jews.’ We just talked to MacFarlane and this is what he had to say to his critics … ‘I put it in the same category as Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes a few years ago—Hollywood must be able to laugh at itself,’ MacFarlane told us at Spike’s Guys Choice Awards in L.A.” E!

Revenge” creator Mike Kelley talks about the challenges of making a network series compared to cable: “The tone of ‘Revenge’ is elusive and a tricky one to hit … There’s tremendous competition from shows I’m a fan of such as ‘Boardwalk Empire‘ and ‘Homeland.’ Cable shows have a built-in advantage [with the TV Academy]: They’re not producing as many episodes as we produce. In some ways, the [drama Emmy] category isn’t equitable. Maybe they should break cable from broadcast because the challenges are different.” DEADLINE

Godspell” producer hopes that Tony performance will boost box office: “Ken Davenport, producer of the Broadway revival of Stephen Schwartz‘s ‘Godspell,’ is counting on the show’s Tony Awards performance to help boost box-office grosses, which fell to $168,049 (51.5% capacity) for the week ending June 3. Should ticket sales not increase, the show may end its run June 24, according to a posting on Davenport’s blog, ‘The Producers Perspective.’ In his blog Davenport writes, ‘This is my way of explaining that at this point, “Godspell” has a heck of a lot riding on that Tony performance, as well as tourist traffic over the next couple of weeks.'” PLAYBILL

Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan reveals the secret behind realistic-looking meth: “Gilligan also revealed that he sometimes hears from real-life Walter Whites. ‘We do hear from the occasional partaker of meth and former cooks,’ he said. ‘I assume they are former. They are impressed with our meth skills.’ He added that the show gets input from the DEA in Los Angeles, Albuquerque and even in Dallas. ‘We have a DEA chemist who oversaw our very first meth-cooking sequence in our RV, back in the pilot. “OK, this step here, this is where you detract the blah, blah, blah.” I asked, “What would it look like?” He said, “Sort of like Strawberry Quik.” So I said, “Go get some Strawberry Quik!”‘” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Louis C.K. joins new Woody Allen movie: “Louis C.K., whose career path is very similar to that of fellow filmmaker/comedian Woody Allen, will appear in the legendary filmmaker’s next movie. Variety reports that C.K. has been cast in the currently untitled film. Also announced in the cast for the film are Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale, Andrew Dice Clay, Michael Emerson, Sally Hawkins and Peter Sarsgaard. Not only are Allen and C.K. both talented stand-up comedians, but they also both transitioned into film and TV careers marked by prolific outputs and near-total control of their art.” HUFFINGTON POST

Tony Awards will be simulcast in Times Square: “The 66th Annual Tony Awards, which will be hosted by Emmy winner Neil Patrick Harris, will be simulcast live to Times Square June 10. The annual event will be hosted by puppets Rod and Lucy from the 2004 Tony Award-winning musical ‘Avenue Q.’ The evening will include the broadcast of the Tony Awards Red Carpet, courtesy of NY1, and the entirety of the Tony Awards show, including the Creative Arts Awards, on Clear Channel’s SpectacolorHD screen in Times Square beginning at 6 PM ET. (From 7:30-8 PM Stephanie Simon will welcome guests from The Great White Way.)” PLAYBILL

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