News Nuggets: Stephen Colbert accuses Neil Patrick Harris of being a non-threatening gay man

Ed Helms criticizes the Emmys for snubbing Steve Carell: “Helms told TVLine: ‘The ceremony is fun. It’s fun to just celebrate the people that we like and that make us laugh or move us on TV. But you can’t take it too seriously because it will start to mess with your head. Then, of course, when they pass on Steve Carell for best actor for like seven consecutive years then it’s sort of just absurd.’ Helms continued: ‘I think Carell just was transcendent – and that’s not a knock on any of the winners in that category. But when you see that, it does sort of keep it in perspective that the Emmys are more about entertainment than any kind of legitimate metric of who is a good actor or who is better than who.'” DIGITAL SPY

Tony races are unusually close this year: “The horse race for best musical between ‘Newsies,’ a high-energy show about 19th-century New York City newsboys, and ‘Once,’ a low-key story of unrequited love on the streets of Dublin, is only one of an unusually high number of unpredictable contests at the Tonys. Other major categories as well — best play, best musical revival, best actor and actress in a play and best actor in a musical — have many of the 851 Tony voters struggling with a luxury problem they rarely experience: choosing a favorite from several strong contenders.” NEW YORK TIMES

Tony-nominated “End of the Rainbow” launches a guided video tour of Judy Garland‘s New York. From the press release: “‘End of the Rainbow’ today launched a first-of-its-kind guided tour of Judy Garland’s New York City.  Foursquare users can visit ten New York City landmarks associated with Judy Garland’s legacy.  When they ‘check in,’ a video, hosted by ‘End of the Rainbow’ star and 2012 Tony Award-nominee Michael Cumpsty, will appear as a ‘tip’ telling viewers about Garland’s connection to that particular location. The legendary locations included on ‘End of the Rainbow’s’ Tour of Judy’s New York are Madison Square Garden, Palace Theatre, Grand Central Terminal, The Waldorf Astoria, Arthurs, The Paley Center, Patsy’s, Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera House, and the Belasco Theatre.”

Tonys host Neil Patrick Harris sits down with Stephen Colbert: “Neil Patrick Harris dropped by ‘The Colbert Report‘ this week ahead of his Tony Awards hosting gig to chat with his pal Stephen Colbert about Broadway theater as well as his ‘convincing’ turn as a straight man on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ ‘I find you a threat, because you’re the classic triple threat: you’re an actor-singer-dancer,’ Colbert jokes. ‘But you’re also the biggest threat of all, you’re a gay person I like. Your threat is that you make being gay not seem threatening!'” HUFFINGTON POST

Community” star Danny Pudi on his show’s stubborn awards hopes: “Three seasons of playing Abed Nadir, the innovative NBC comedy’s emotionally stunted pop culture fiend, has put Pudi at the forefront of the cult hit. And whether or not the ‘Community’ crew brings home Emmy gold this year, Pudi good-naturedly tells TVLine he’ll continue to enjoy being part of a series ‘that has such purpose and meaning’ … ‘Do I think we deserve some Emmys? Of course! [Laughs] This show deserves a ton of Emmys. Will it get them? I don’t know. We’ll never give up, but we’re very much aware that we might not get acknowledged – and that’s OK. Still, I’ll be really happy if we do.'” TV LINE

Hugh Jackman will attend the Tony Awards: “Officially, Jackman is taking a break from filming ‘Les Miserables‘ to accept a ‘Special Tony Award’ on Broadway’s biggest night, which will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris for the third time. The Tony winner, whose 2011 one-man show was a massive hit at the box office, will be honored ‘for his contributions to the Broadway community,’ according to Entertainment Weekly. Established reason aside, my hopes are now sky-high that Jackman will give us a taste of ‘Les Mis’ and perform a Jean Valjean number at the Tonys. Even one refrain, Hugh!” WASHINGTON POST

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