Taylor Swift is least worthy winner of Album of the Year at Grammys [Poll]


As the Grammy Awards are about to hit 55, our forum posters look back at some speed bumps along the way.

Discussing the winners of the top prize — Album of the Year — they often are as outraged by what wasn’t even nominated as they are by what lost. With the Grammy voters often settling for middle-of-the-road music, many worthy contenders were shunted to the shoulders. 

Below, just a sample of our forum posters thoughts on which of these winners was the biggest loser. Join in with your opinion as to who should not have taken home the gold.


It’s so easy to pick the Grammys because music is “subjective” and a lot of crap has been rewarded. Yup, call me elitist, but I’m including the precious Taylor Swift under “crap.”

Here’s a list of sins that have been committed and how they can be absolved.
“Can’t Slow Down” to “Purple Rain” 
“Unplugged” to “Achtung Baby” 
“Falling Into You” to “Odelay” or “Mellen Collie” 
“Two Against Nature to “Kid A” 
“Genius Loves Company” to “American Idiot”
“River: the Joni Letters” to “Back to Black” 
“Fearless” to none (that entire lineup is crap)

James Otto Sweet Heart

The Dixie Chicks in 2007. To me, they had a lot of nerve making fun of the music that they got their start in and if they didn’t like that others in that music had the right to point out that they do not agree with what the group chose to stand for, then the group never should have started in that music, especially if the leader of the group never liked that music in the first place.

emmy fan

Bonnie Raitt‘s “Nick Of Time” should be given to the shockingly not nominated Janet Jackson‘s “Rhythm Nation 1814.”


Celine Dion. Now that was an easy pick, wasn’t it? I mean, the woman beat Beck, Fugees and Smashing Pumpkins. For an album that gave us an eternity suffering through “Because You Loved Me.” So easy to hate that win. I don’t even have to try!

Morgan Henard

My mind immediately goes to Lauryn Hill beating Madonna.


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