Can ‘Ted’ win over the Golden Globes?

One of our newest forum posters, Charles Bright, poses an interesting question for his first topic: How will “Ted” do at the Golden Globes. As he writes, 


Before my power went out last week, I went to see “Ted” with a bunch of my friends. Being a guy in his mid-20s with a bit of a frat guy sense of humor, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was actually really surprised to see the amount of heart that the movie had.

After the movie, my award prognosticator senses kicked in and I started thinking of the chances this film might have in certain contests at the end of the year. I think we can all agree an Oscar nomination is very unlikely but that the film could get some recognition at other ceremonies such as the Best Comedy award at the Critic’s Choice Awards.

But I really wanted to see what people thought about the film’s chances at the Golden Globes. I think it could get nominated for Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) and stands an even better chance of being a serious contender for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) for Mark Wahlberg.

I can see the Best Picture nomination because the Globes have awarded similar fare in the past such as “Bridesmaids” being nominated last year and “The Hangover” winning two years earlier. You also have the nominations for Best Picture for the likes of “Borat” and “50/50.”

With Wahlberg, it’s obvious the Globes have a soft spot for him when they nominated him for “The Departed” (which helped propel him to an Oscar nod for the movie) and for “The Fighter” four years later. This could be another notch with the Globes for him.

Weighing in was babypook who said,

As for the Globes, I’d love to see it happen. After all, there are comedy categories, and “Ted” definitely fits here. I seem to recall “Reds” last year, which I enjoyed as a film. O, and “The Tourist” showed up as well. Imo, “Ted” is a better film than both of these.

I’m rooting for Seth MacFarlane. I really like his work overall, and his voicework here is terrific. For acting Globes,I’d love to see Mark Wahlberg and Giovanni Ribisi cited. Mark played it straight, and I believed his relationship with his “Ted”. And Ribisi simply excels at playing less than sane characters.

Fingers crossed.

And Julian Stark added, 

There’s a song called “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” that plays during a montage sequence at the beginning of the film. It’s performed by Norah Jones and written specifically for the film, but I don’t know who wrote it. It definitely sounds like something MacFarlane would write, though; maybe he and Jones collaborated to write it?


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