What is the funniest show on TV?

Tom O’Neil has challenged our forum posters to name the funniest show on TV today. As he notes, it may not be one that has the elitist appeal and cool factor required to win the Emmy for Best Comedy Series. 

“What if they gave an award for the FUNNIEST show on TV — you know, the one that makes you giggle, howl and guffaw the most? I say ‘South Park‘ (though it’s not as good as it used to be — hear THAT, Trey Parker?!) … but it’s also OK to pick some trashy, low-brow, frat boy ‘Workaholics‘ or ‘Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'”

What will win Best Comedy Series?

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Below, just a sampling of opinions as to what TV series merits this distinction. Have your say here

LonePirate: “Cougar Town,” possibly “Curb Your Enthusiasm” despite its elitist appeal.

Denis: “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” my favorite comedy from that season, it may be corny, but it’s so well done that I barely notice.

robbypop: What is funniest? Laughing the most? “Louie” because of the stand up scenes. Most quotable is “Happy Endings.”

Trent: Traditional comedy series would be either “Happy Endings,” “Raising Hope” or “Parks and Recreation.” Non-traditional would be “Louie” or “Curb.”

BoiDiva02: “Don’t Trust the B- In Apt. 23.”  That James Van Der Beek just makes me laugh out loud and Krysten Ritter is a riot!

egot808: “Happy Endings” definitely.

ts1989: “Happy Endings” and “Raising Hope” for sure.


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