You decide: Who do you nominate for the Gold Derby TV Awards?

The Gold Derby TV Awards are decided by Users of this website like YOU. Never mind what those voters for other awards say is the best TV series or performance of the year.

Nobody knows the truth better than Gold Derby’s readers, who are such award nuts that they insist upon bestowing their own kudos. The Gold Derby TV Awards were launched in 2004 when winners included “Arrested Development” (Best Comedy Series) and “The Sopranos” (Drama).

Voting is now open for this year’s Gold Derby TV Awards nominees.

Rank your top six candidates in 26 different categories from now till the end of July. Nominees will then be announced on Aug. 1.

We could not include every possible contender, so some of your favorites may not be listed. However, as there are between 25 and 50 contenders per category, we hope that you can find six nominees. And, of course, you do not have to chose a complete slate in any category. 

The eligibility period mirrors that of the Emmy Awards, running from June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012. 

If you’re already registered at Gold Derby, cast your ballot by clicking on the link marked “Gold Derby TV Awards” in the left column of your Profile Page. It’s just below the “Predictions” link where you log your Emmy forecasts. Use the easy drop and drag menus to enter your choices. 

And if you haven’t yet registered, start here.


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