Which Oscar nominees were helped (and hurt) by earlier acceptance speeches?

Precursor awards like the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards help to narrow down the field of likeliest Oscar contenders, but do they also serve as auditions of sorts?

Winners of earlier kudos, in a sense, give Academy members previews of what their Oscar speeches might look like. An especially memorable moment on stage accepting an award could endear a nominee to voters who might like to see a similarly gracious outpouring on Oscar night.

We asked our forum posters if any of this year’s winners of precursor prizes have significantly helped or hurt their chances with their earlier acceptance speeches. Most of them agree that, like Best Actor nominee Joaquin Phoenix‘s supposedly fatal comments to Interview magazine last fall, a contender’s earlier comments have little influence on the Oscar race.

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Read some of their comments below, and join the discussion in our message board:

Scottferguson: I am similar to most Academy voters in not having seen any of the speeches (since most members don’t watch other awards shows based on everything I’ve heard over the years, including asking members), and since I have heard no rumblings positive or negative about any of the speeches (outside of threads here), I suspect they haven’t either, so my guess is this year they will have virtually no impact one way or the other.

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MovieManiac405: Jessica Chastain was definitely more classy than Jennifer Lawrence when comparing their Golden Globes speeches … but I don’t know if that will affect the Oscars. I still think Jennifer has the strong advantage there.

Professorbigsock: There will be no impact whatsoever. Everybody made a big deal about Joaquin ‘trashing’ the Oscars, and he still got himself a nomination.

Babypook: Did I miss some kind of racial hate speech? Otherwise, what anyone says or expresses, generally over-the-moon happiness, doesn’t mean a hill of beans to me. And I’d like to think most voters are the same.

GoMe91: Unless someone openly supports racism, sexism or homophobia, a speech isn’t really going to hurt anyone’s chances.

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