Get sexy with Adele Exarchopoulos (‘Blue is the Warmest Color’) – Video

French actress Adele Exarchopoulos gives such an impressive performance in “Blue is the Warmest Color” that she and her costar Lea Seydoux recently made history at the Cannes Film Festival. For the first time ever, actors were cited as winners along with the director when their movie won the Palme d’Or.

But she wasn’t fully aware of the breakthrough at the time of her victory.

“It was my first Cannes festival, my first press junket, my first screening, my first big movie,” she told Gold Derby editor Tom O’Neil in their webcam chat. “So it was kind of like a dream when we came to the ceremony because I never dreamed to have such a prize and I didn’t even know that it could exist.” She added, “Sometimes when I am on the subway or something, I am like, whoa, we won the Palme d’Or.”

The film’s explicit sex scenes have received a lot of press for their physical and emotional realism. Discussing the sexuality of the film and how French and American movies differ when it comes to sex, Exarchopoulos admitted, “In America people react to it differently … and it’s true that you’re not used to this.

“In France we have less violence in our movies,” she continued, “but more skin, more sex scenes, love scenes, intimate things because we are a little bit into psychology all the time and [in America] it’s more like action and visual things and effects. And, yeah, I think we are more used to these kinds of things. I don’t know if we are more open minded because I can’t judge because I don’t know how exactly people are [in America].”

Gold Derby’s exclusive Oscar polling of Experts, Editors and Users currently finds Exarchopoulos in seventh place for Best Actress with 50/1 odds. That means she’s within striking distance of getting into the top five. She may be helped a lot by winning an early precursor prize — she is favored to triumph in a few weeks at the Los Angeles Film Critics’ Association Awards.

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