News Nuggets: Why Alec Baldwin would never host Oscars again

Alec Baldwin on why he would never host the Oscars again: “Never, never, never. And I enjoyed doing it. What the Oscars absolutely, unequivocally should be is a show with a little bit of entertainment and a very reverential overview of movies of that year. And that show would last about two hours, and it would be a very tight show with a lot of serious, cineastic appreciation. But the Oscars is also a television program that raises 90 percent of the Academy’s budget for the year in a single night. When the Oscars is three hours — when they bullshit you and say that the Oscars is running long, and that’s a problem — that’s not a problem. They’re making more money. So ABC and the Academy, they have no interest in doing a tight, better-produced show. They are forced, because of economic constraints, to have a flabby, tired show.” Hollywood Reporter

Andrea Mandell gives eight reasons to watch this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards. USA Today

Ben Affleck says it’s a “profound honor” that his film “To the Wonder” was the last film reviewed by Roger Ebert: “To have this be the last movie that he reviewed and to have it viewed through this sort of transcendental lens of a man at the end of his life is as important as anything that’s ever happened around movies in my career.” Huffington Post

Producer Jennifer Cron discusses what it was like to work on the Oscars. Huffington Post

Daytime Emmys Creative Arts Awards will be held on Friday, June 14, 2013 at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, CA.

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Steve Martin, Steve Carell, and others mourn the death of comedian Jonathan Winters. The Wrap

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