New ‘Arrested Development’ is ‘weird,’ ‘hilarious’ and … ?

Below are sample views of our readers who watched the new episodes of “Arrested Development.” See more here in our forums and, please, pipe in with your own views.

LadyHathor: “The structure of season 4 of ‘Arrested Development‘ is much more difficult for a non-viewer to deal with.  I think it may be even more dense and convoluted than ‘Lost.’ ‘AD’ winning wouldn’t surprise me.  I know how rabid the fans are.  (Because I am one of them.)” 

nahborghi: “Anybody else thought it was weird for Lindsay to have an Iphone on 2006? … If nothing else the show is to be applauded for trying (and mostly succeeding) at trying a new formula for a comedy.  It was unlike anything I’ve seen on television.  As a whole the season was very strong.”

jjjjmmoss: “With all the callbacks and setups for punchlines in later episodes, won’t it be hard for someone to really appreciate the season in a 2-episode tape? There are obviously gonna be some Emmy voters who watch the whole season, but not all of them will do so.”

Loso: “Oh, how I missed the Bluths! I’m loving the new format. Sidenote: Did Portia have some work done? Her face looks… distinctively different.”

Corey Ryan: “So, after finishing the entire season, my favorite episode was Tobias’ first.”

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