‘Arrested Development’ soundtrack released — ‘At Long Last’!

Arrested Development” fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The soundtrack they’ve been anticipating for nearly a decade has finally arrived!

To celebrate the occasion, series creator Mitchell Hurwitz and music composer David Schwartz hosted a soundtrack release party last Tuesday night at the Record Parlour in Hollywood. The theme of the evening was “At Long Last” and featured special treats for fans of the Netflix series.

There were frozen bananas aplenty and Mexican food inspired by Cinco de Cuatro, with the evening’s highlight being the “Arrested Development” band performing some of the original music and songs from the series including the iconic theme tune, “Balls in the Air,” “Getaway” and “Boomerang.”

“This is such a treat. This is a very exciting occasion,” Hurwitz said. “We’ve spent a long time talking about how come there are soundtrack albums for everything in the world except this show that has music in every second of the thing?”

During the show’s early Fox run, Hurwitz earned three Emmy awards: two for Best Comedy Writing (2004, 2005) and one as a producer when the show won Best Comedy Series (2004).

Schwartz, meanwhile, has three career Emmy nominations to his name: one for scoring the “Arrested Development” soundtrack this year and two for main titles (“Deadwood” and “Wolf Lake”).

Below, watch the “Arrested Development” band perform the show’s theme song live. And after that, cast your vote for the lineup of Best TV Comedy Ensemble at the SAG Awards. 

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