Congrats to our contest winners: Your best prediction scores

Sometimes it’s best to forget what the “Experts” predict here at Gold Derby. Instead, pay attention to our smartest users. Below are the winners of our recent contests.

Golden Globe (Film) Nominations: Jonathan was our top User, reaping a staggering 86% when forecasting the lineup of 10 categories. That put him six percentage points ahead of our best Expert — Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood) — and eight ahead of our leading Editor, Daniel Montogomery. Did you made the cut on the leaderboard score breakdown?

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award Winners: Christian aced all rivals, scoring 82%. That was almost 20 percentage points ahead of our top Expert (Edward Douglas of ComingSoon ) and Editor (Matt Noble), both of whom earned scores of 64%. Christian foresaw that surprise screenplay win for “Before Midnight.” See leaderboard.

National Board of Review Award Winners: Cinemateo21 tied with one other User (dottardi) at 34% of the winners of the National Board of Review awards. However, he wagered his points strategically and scored three times as many to win the contest. Both are to be commended as only three of our editors got even one winner correct while our Experts were shut out entirely. See leaderboard

New York Film Critics Circle Award Winners: Likewise, Ryan Fernand tied with RobertPius at 67% of the winners of the New York Film Critics Circle but won on points. His margin of victory in that tally was closer (about 30% difference) but highlights how important it is where you place your Super (500 points) and Big (200) bets. See leaderboard.

All of them win a $100 Amazon gift certificate as do Buddy (67% of Golden Globe TV noms – see leaderboard), me123 (78% of SAG TV noms – leaderboard) and trebor76 (80% of Grammy noms – leaderboard). 


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