What did you think of ‘Breaking Bad’ season premiere?

Our forum posters are hot over the first episode of the final season of “Breaking Bad.” Below is just a sample of their comments on “Blood Money.” 

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eastwest: Lady Macbeth Skyler, Jesse breaking me down, Hank on the make (Dean Norris is coming for those WIGS!), and the confrontation, I am spent! So much in the first episode and I even broke my rule of looking at the previews. I am going to savor this television event for all it is worth.

Sara R: I thought that was a pretty mediocre episode for the first 55 minutes but they completely upended my expectations in the last five. Hank closing the garage door was chilling. I just did not expect them to play that card so early, although maybe I should have. Dean Norris was really fantastic, though. I’m not sure that I like the flash forward device, although it was pretty jarring to see the White house like that, and the “Hello, Carol” line was clever.

espnfan: I see what some people say about this being a slow start (minus the last 5 minutes) but I am not worried.  Breaking Bad has traditional started slowly and usually ends up nothing short of devastating, shocking, and heartbreaking.  So a slow start to season 5.B does not worry me at all.

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Atypical: That last scene took my breath away. And that’s in the season premiere? Truly insane. The flash-forward opener, Walt and Skylar back “together” again, Jesse’s malaise (such a great scene with Jesse throwing all of that money away in the poor neighborhood), Saul’s scene in his office with Jesse, Skylar and Lydia at the car wash, Walt lying through his teeth about Mike to Jesse, and especially Dean Norris, who looks like he’s going to have an incredible season here if this opener is any indication. I guess everything has to be at warp speed now (no pun intended) for these final episodes, but I don’t mind that much at all. Great start to the final episodes. So hot.

Karl William: this was a terrific episode of television. We’re introduced to a new, and seemingly safer, world. Then of course, what we were all waiting, and really expecting, for. The flash forward, a device that Breaking Bad uses beautifully, is making me ache to catch up to it, but we are always taken back to where we left off. A few things of note: Skylar telling Lydia to never come back was truly amazing. Her strive to protect her family has now included Walt again, but how long until she realizes that her husband isn’t there anymore. 

probably Rob: I loved this episode.  The Jesse moping stuff is getting tiring but from the sound of it he may be going AWOL so that could potentially be interesting.  I liked the fact that there were no capers, which is essentially what dragged down much of Season 5a for me.  The characters drove the story but I do anticipate them turning it up a notch next week. I also love that Walt is back to lying all of the time to everyone.

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