Michelle MacLaren on ‘Breaking Bad’: Deliciously ‘diabolical’ (podcast)

“We were amazed – as he became a darker and darker character – that people were still rooting for him,” confesses “Breaking Bad” producer/director Michelle MacLaren about Walt, the chemistry-teacher-turned-monster who recently held TV viewers hostage as he spiraled down to his inevitable hell. “They could identify with him because once upon a time he was one of us.”

Yes, that aptly describes his appeal to American TV viewers, but what about foreigners? As “Breaking Bad” heads into the Golden Globes, it’s holding an IOU from members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., who have never given it a single trophy. Will they finally hail it now that the Emmys (belatedly) crowned “Breaking Bad” as Best Drama Series?

With “Breaking Bad” still in awards play, we chat in this podcast with MacLaren, who reaped Emmy nominations for directing classic episodes “Gliding Over All” and “One Minute” (2008). Chiefly, we grill her to learn the secret recipe to what made the AMC series the talk of the tube in recent years.

“We’ve all been in the situation where we thought: what if I crossed that line?” she says. “What if I did this? But we don’t do it because of society, responsibilities …. This character crossed that line and broke bad. He was an everyday guy who everybody could identify with.”

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Listen to our chat below and get inside scoop on how “Breaking Bad” came together behind the camera.

Photo: Michelle MacLaren with “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan (AMC)

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