Goodbye ‘Breaking Bad’ and hello first-time Emmy nods for …? [Poll]

Now that the final episode of “Breaking Bad” is upon us, the entire TV landscape seems to be going through blue meth withdrawals. The good news? The series is eligible for next year’s Emmys, meaning we still have 12 more months to discuss this epic final season!

The cast stepped up to the plate for the show’s final episodes to deliver some of the greatest performances we’ll see this season. In light of the show’s first victory as Best Drama Series last Sunday and the out-of-this-world reviews of these final episodes, some of those yet to be nominated for Emmys are sure to break through next year.

Dean Norris (Hank) and Betsy Brandt (Marie) might have the best chances of snagging supporting nominations thanks to their increased roles in the final season. Also in their favor, they both found high-profile jobs after “Breaking Bad” wrapped — Norris is on “Under the Dome” while Brandt is on “The Michael J. Fox Show” — so they’ll remain household names for the next year.

 Bob Odenkirk (Saul) is such a fan favorite that he’s getting his own AMC spin-off next year titled “Better Call Saul.” His character is played mostly for comic relief, but Odenkirk did get to show his physical side this year as he got beaten to a pulp by Paul’s character.

RJ Mitte (Walter Jr.) was the final family member to learn the truth about his father’s meth business and was given some of the best material he’s seen in six years, including being in the middle of that tense knife fight scene a few weeks ago.

Relative newcomers Laura Fraser (Lydia) and Jesse Plemons (Todd) might fare well at the Emmys thanks to increased screen time and importance to the story.

Also look out for memorable guest stars like Michael Bowen (Uncle Jack), Steven Michael Quezada (Gomez) and Robert Forster (Ed) to make a dent for their dramatic turns.

If Emmy history is any indication, at least one or two of the above players will get their Emmy wish. The final season of “Lost” reaped first-time bids for Matthew Fox and Elizabeth Mitchell while the last year of “Arrested Development” on Fox saw Will Arnett get his inaugural Emmy nod. These last-minute nominations are a way for TV academy voters to give goodbye hugs to their favorite shows.

For those keeping track at home, Bryan Cranston has three Emmys as Drama Lead Actor, Aaron Paul has two trophies as Drama Supporting Actor and Anna Gunn has one statue thanks to her win last week as Drama Supporting Actress. Three other actors were nominated over the years — Jonathan Banks (2013), Giancarlo Esposito (2012), Mark Margolis (2012) — but none of them could claim victory in their tough categories.

Which performer do you think has the best chance of receiving their first Emmy nod for the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad”?

Vote in our poll below and add your thoughts to the comments section at the bottom of this post. 


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