Poll: Will ‘Breaking Bad’ finally win Emmy for Best Drama Series?

Now that you’ve seen the first of the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad,” what do you think? Did it live up to early hype and heightened expectations?

Technically, these episodes do not compete until next year’s Emmys, but they certainly will have fierce impact since they air while voters ink their ballots to decide this year’s winners. Voters are supposed to base their judgment upon the quality of the sample episodes submitted by nominees as examples of their best work, but – let’s be honest — the viewing obligation is probably too great in the program categories.

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Do you really believe that those pampered Hollywooders watch 12 episodes (two per six nominees) in this category before choosing a winner? I think they watch the episodes submitted in the acting and writing slots where they’re asked only to view one per nominee. That explains how underdogs win there all the time. But ever since the year 200, when unsupervised at-home voting replaced monitored judging panels held in hotel rooms, it’s clear that the winners of Best Drama and Comedy Series are strongly influenced by popularity and mojo. Shows with the highest Cool Factor tend to triumph. If the current buzz around the new season of “Breaking Bad” is hot, then that may help the last season to win. But will it?

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