Video: ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’: What tortured Leonardo?

“Most visionaries have demons,” notes David S. Goyer, creator of “Da Vinci’s Demons,” the new Starz drama series about Leonardo Da Vinci. “Most visionaries are tortured. Being slightly left of center allows them to view the world from a slightly different perspective.”

But why was Da Vinci tortured at all? The first Renaissance Man had supreme talents – he painted the world’s most famous portrait and religious scene (“Mona Lisa,” “The Last Supper”) and, as an inventor, foresaw the future creation of helicopters and army tanks. His patrons included the Medicis and Borgias.

“He was extremely good looking – almost six feet tall – and a great swordsman,” Goyer adds to Gold Derby in our webcam chat. “But he was also brash and cantankerous.”

So what were his demons?

“One, he was a bastard,” Goyer notes. “That was a big deal back in those days. You were really looked down upon. You weren’t allowed to join any of the major guilds, inherit land or wealth. He had limited options …. Secondly, the memory of his mother is very elusive …. Some say she was a Turkish slave.”

Learn more by viewing our full video chat below. Watch the first episode “Da Vinci’s Demons” free on line here.

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