Jason Thompson leads Best Actor odds at Daytime Emmys; Doug Davidson close behind

According to our racetrack odds, Best Actor at the Daytime Emmys is a close race between Jason Thompson (“General Hospital“) and Doug Davidson (“The Young and the Restless“), with Davidson’s “Y&R” co-stars Peter Bergman and Michael Muhney unlikely to threaten.

Thompson is a relative newcomer, having debuted on “GH” as Dr. Patrick Drake in 2005, but he’s the slight frontrunner to win, with 5/6 odds. This is his third Daytime Emmy nomination and his first in the leading category.

But Davidson is close behind with even odds. The veteran actor has played Paul Williams on “Y&R” for 35 years, but this is only his fourth nomination and he has yet to win. Though our experts are evenly split and users favor Thompson, our editors give Davidson the strong edge in this race.

Our forum posters have watched the episodes submitted to Emmy judges for consideration, which were made publicly available for the first time in the awards’ history, and they agree that based on those episodes this is likely a two-way race. Read some of their comments below and make or update your predictions in our predictions center.

FishBiscuit: Thompson went subtle and quiet and his reel does have some impact but not enough boom to outshine Davidson’s reel that builds to an emotional end.  Davisdon’s reel is not a slam dunk but is the best of this Ok/good bunch.

KevinDillon: This is honestly a tough call because both Thompson and Davidson are great, but I am going to give the edge to Davidson.  Again I do think length matters, and Davidson’s longer reel will out shine the beauty within Thompson.

Boidiva02: Both tapes dealt with loss, but in vastly differnet styles. [Thompson’s] tape was subtle, powerful and tugged at the heart. [Davidson’s] tape was more bold, screamy, in your face. It also took a lot to build up to the one moving scene in the reel, where Paul finally screams “I killed my son” … Truthfully, it is so close between Thompson and Davidson, it really could go either way.

gdfl: Also factoring in here is that the three “Y&R” men could split the vote making Thompson the winner. I wouldn’t mind that since IMO he is the most deserving based on reel, and he has been one of my favourites pretty much since he debuted.

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