Review: Daytime Emmys find a welcome home on HLN

OK, let’s not quibble over some of the obvious misfires on the Daytime Emmys telecast.

Clearly, that couch bit was a dud, not so much because it was terrible idea (and maybe it was) but because the gushing, empty questions were cringe-inducing. There was a lot of grumbling too about cohost Robin Meade singing, but I didn’t hear her imitation of Julie Andrews – the sound was turned off on TV sets back in the press room at that point while winners talked to us. And then there was that snafu of the mixed-up envelopes …

But put all of that aside for a moment and focus on the good news. It was a classy show that had lots of heart (Scott Clifton and Billy Miller‘s bear hug), jawdroppers (“Days of Our Lives” socring a first victory as Best Drama Series since 1978!), informality (men dressed mostly in biz attire rather than tuxedos) and a brisk pace.

I liked what it promised about tomorrow. Next year the producers will get the kinks out and this will be obvious: finally, the Daytime Emmys have found an apt home.

It was painfully embarrassing in recent years to watch the Daytime Emmys turn their show into cheesy advertorials for Las Vegas casinos and Caribbean cruises. But Daytime Emmy leaders felt they had no alternative after getting jilted by the broadcast networks and even the CW. HLN came to the rescue and the pairing seemed curious at first.

The new cable channel was only minimally involved in the competition (sister station CNN personality Anderson Cooper‘s canceled talk show scored a nomination) and it doesn’t boast the TV viewership of, say, the Eye Web. No, not when counting up viewers of the live show. But HLN likes to repeat most of its programs and, when it re-aired the Daytime Emmys a few times last year, the show ended up nab a total of five million viewers – that’s just about how many it had the last time it was on CBS in primetime.

HLN’s desire to give the Daytime Emmys a good home even manifested itself in the program’s staging – it was produced by the network’s “Showbiz Tonight” team, who extended coverage by adding preview special and a live pre-show.

Let’s hope this means that HLN will pick up the show again next year. It’s turning out to be a premium partnership that should be encouraged by us all.


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