Watch: Emilia Clarke surprised by Emmy bid for ‘Game of Thrones’

Asked her reaction to reaping her first Emmy bid, Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”) admits: “It’s amazing and it definitely hasn’t sunk it. It didn’t sink in when they were telling me on the phone at 6 a.m. and it still hasn’t sunk in now. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

During our video chat below, the Drama Supporting Actress nominee explained why she has chosen ‘Now His Watch Has Ended’ as her Emmy submission. The episode ends with her dragon setting alight a slave owner before she frees his multitude of slaves. As the actress recalls, “It was incredible to film, it felt very real. There was a lot of people there and it was incredibly exhilarating and the only thing missing was actual dragons.” And, as for delivering a stirring speech in the fictional Valyrian language, she reveals, “it’s bizarre how quickly it’s become a normal part of what I do with Dany and it’s fun to be pushed in that way I think.”

As to what inhibits her character’s game, the actress thinks: “she still has the residue of naiveté of youth. I think that whilst she’s seen a huge amount for someone her age … she’s also still quite quick to call on things and quick to give her opinion and quick to judge.” But don’t assume this could lead to a Red Wedding style game-ender for the character for, as Clarke adds, “the best thing about Dany is she learns from her mistakes really really very quickly

Clarke admits she is “very much like Dany… desperate to get over to Westeros where everyone else is.” And she reveals that fellow Emmy nominee Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lancaster, is someone she is “dying to get to work with … I think that Dany and Tyrion would get on really well, I think we’d have a lot of banter.”

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