Emmys fun facts and trivia: Drama Actor

Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) is a three-time Drama Actor champion. One more win would tie him for the record with Dennis Franz (“NYPD Blue,” 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999). It could also be said that Peter Falk is tied with four wins for his role as “Columbo,” but one of those (1975) was when the show was classified as a limited series.

Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”) is one of three double Oscar winners nominated in the drama acting categories this year. The others are guest contender Jane Fonda (“The Newsroom”) and reigning supporting actress champ Maggie Smith (“Downton Abbey”).

Last year, Damian Lewis (“Homeland”) became the first Brit to ever win this category. He is nominated against fellow countryman Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey”) this year.

Jon Hamm (“Mad Men“) is one loss away from being tied for the most nominations in this category with no wins. This is his sixth bid and if he loses again, he will share this dubious record with Michael C. Hall (“Six Feet Under,” “Dexter”), Hugh Laurie (“House”), and Martin Sheen (“The West Wing”).

The only first-time Emmy nominee for this category is Jeff Daniels (“The Newsroom”).

Cranston, Hamm, and Spacey are also nominated as producers in the Best Drama Series category this year.

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Most Drama Actor wins (4): Dennis Franz (“NYPD Blue”).

Most Drama Actor nominations (10): Peter Falk (“Columbo”).

Most Drama Actor nominations with no wins (6): Michael C. Hall (“Six Feet Under,” “Dexter”), Hugh Laurie (“House”), Martin Sheen (“The West Wing”).

Programs with most Drama Actor nominations (14): “NYPD Blue” (David Caruso, Dennis Franz, Jimmy Smits).

Nomination totals as Drama Actor: Jon Hamm (6), Bryan Cranston (5), Hugh Bonneville (2), Damian Lewis (2), Jeff Daniels (1), Kevin Spacey (1).

Emmy career nominations and wins for 2013 contenders: Bryan Cranston (3 wins; 10 noms), Jon Hamm (0 wins; 11 noms), Damian Lewis (1 win; 2 noms), Kevin Spacey (0 wins; 4 noms), Hugh Bonneville (0 wins, 2 noms), Jeff Daniels (0 wins, 1 nom).

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