Emmy predictions: Top 24 vs. Experts, Editors and you

So … you don’t trust the Emmy predictions by the “experts” polled by Gold Derby? (They are, after all, TV journalists first and award pundits second.) Or our editors? (Yes, they are crazy. We admit it.) Now we’re giving you a new perspective offering the smartest views of all – those of our Top 24 Users who reaped the best scores when predicting last year’s Emmys.
Now they advance forward as a league to compete against our Experts, Editors and All Users.

You can see predix by all of these groups by clicking the tabs in our Predictions Center. Then check out our rankings section to see how their forecasts look when combined.

Beware: the users featured in this special new Top 24 league may change depending on when people make their predictions. Not everybody who predicted last year’s Emmy have given us their forecasts yet. Some may not return at all. Therefore, this chart remains dynamic, featuring the Top 24 Users who are currently making predix. Some will get bumped out by last year’s champs who may make their newest predix late.

But don’t fret. Those who get dropped from that chart merely end up in another one. You can find them under the tab marked “Users.” This section is supposed to feature a random sampling of Derbyites, but, hey, why not show off some more of our smartest? People you see in that section are our Top 24 to 48 users who nabbed the best score picking Emmys last year.

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