Which ‘Mad Men’ star has best odds to break losing streak at Emmys?

Despite winning Best Drama Series a record-tying four times at the Emmys, “Mad Men” has the unique distinction of never winning a single trophy for acting. Nothing, nada, zilch! No wonder Don Draper drinks so much.

Over the first five years of “Mad Men,” various cast members have amassed 25 acting nominations … and 25 losses. There are a slew of possible reasons for their poor showings in these races — bad episode submissions, too subtle performances, better competition. Whatever the reason, the stars of “Mad Men” just aren’t connecting with Emmy voters.

Will that same fate befall the six nominated performers at this year’s Emmys? History tells us yes, but what do our Emmys experts, webside editors and savvy users have to say?

When all of the collective Emmy predictions are tabulated, none of the six “Mad Men” nominees place above the fifth or sixth positions in their designated categories. Ouch.

With odds of 20/1 (or roughly 5% of the vote), Harry Hamlin has the “best” chance of entering the “Mad Men” record books as the show’s only winning performer. He’s in the second-to-last position in the race for Drama Guest Actor ahead of co-star Robert Morse (100/1 odds), who should feel lucky just to be nominated.

Series star Jon Hamm (50/1 odds) may simply be too studly to win an Emmy in the Drama Lead Actor race, as he comes in fifth place. This is his sixth consecutive nomination for acting on “Mad Men,” though he’s also nominated as a producer this year.

Drama Lead Actress contender Elisabeth Moss (100/1 odds) is up for the fifth time as Peggy Olson, but if this popular actress is going to win an Emmy this year, it will likely be in the Movie/Miniseries Lead Actress category for her starring role in “Top of the Lake” where she places second behind Jessica Lange (“American Horror Story: Asylum“).

For the fourth time, Christina Hendricks (100/1 odds) has been nominated for playing secretary-turned-partner Joan Harris. She actually had much better odds last year as Drama Supporting Actress, but it turned out Emmy voters were too much in love with Maggie Smith‘s character on “Downton Abbey” to give Hendricks the trophy.

The final contender is found in the Drama Guest Actress category, as rising star Linda Cardellini (50/1 odds) receives her very first Emmy nomination this year. Unfortunately for her, this race is predicted to go to A-lister Jane Fonda (“The Newsroom“) who has leading 2/5 odds.

Below, the year-by-year breakdown of “Mad Men’s” 25 acting losses between 2008 and 2012, including the episode titles submitted to Emmy judges:

2008 Emmys (Season One)
Lead Actor Jon Hamm (“The Wheel”)
Supporting Actor John Slattery (“Long Weekend”)
Guest Actor Robert Morse (“Nixon vs. Kennedy”)

2009 Emmys (Season Two)
Lead Actor Jon Hamm (“The Mountain King”)
Lead Actress Elisabeth Moss (“Meditations in an Emergency”)
Supporting Actor John Slattery (“Six Month Leave”)

2010 Emmys (Season Three)
Lead Actor Jon Hamm (“The Gypsy and the Hobo”)
Lead Actress January Jones (“The Gypsy and the Hobo”)
Supporting Actor John Slattery (“The Gypsy and the Hobo”)
Supporting Actress Christina Hendricks (“Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency”)
Supporting Actress Elisabeth Moss (“Love Among the Ruins”)
Guest Actor Robert Morse (“Shut the Door. Have a Seat.”)

2011 Emmys (Season Four)
Lead Actor Jon Hamm (“The Suitcase”)
Lead Actress Elisabeth Moss (“The Suitcase”)
Supporting Actor John Slattery (“Hands and Knees”)
Supporting Actress Christina Hendricks (“The Summer Man”)
Guest Actor Robert Morse (“Blowing Smoke”)
Guest Actress Cara Buono (“Chinese Wall”)
Guest Actress Randee Heller (“The Beautiful Girls”)

2012 Emmys (Season Five)
Lead Actor Jon Hamm (“The Other Woman”)
Lead Actress Elisabeth Moss (“The Other Woman”)
Supporting Actor Jared Harris (“Commissions and Fees”)
Supporting Actress Christina Hendricks (“The Other Woman”)
Guest Actor Ben Feldman (“Dark Shadows”)
Guest Actress Julia Ormond (“The Phantom”)

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