Which group will ace Emmy predictions: Experts, editors or users?

When it came to predicting this year’s Emmy nominations our experts proved to be just that. Despite a slew of surprises, the 15 folks who follow these TV kudos closely foresaw 69% of the nominees in the top categories.

That average score gave them a one-point edge over our half dozen editors and put them six points ahead of the collective score of our more than one thousand users who made predictions. (A sample of results is above — click it to see the full scorecard.)

The top expert was Glenn Whipp (LA Times) who correctly predicted three-quarters of the nominees. Six users — angajackson, Matthew_Durham, DipoBaruwa-Etti, idol101, phoh32, and bharatnayak2002 — equalled this achievement.

See the full leaderboard for each group here and
a breakdown of results by category here

Last year’s predictions of the nominations saw the editors trump the experts by a score of 66% to 64% while our users averaged 56%. 

However, Emmy night 2012 was filled with upsets and none of our groups did that well with their predictions: the editors averaged 40% while the experts were at 38% and the users came in at 33%. 

How will each of our three groups do predicting this year’s Emmy champs? 

Think you can beat the average score of our experts and editors as well as other users? Start by predicting the winner of Drama Series using our easy drag-and-drop menu below. 

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