Will ‘Shark Tank’ take a bite out of competition for Reality Series Emmy?

Though ABC’s “Shark Tank” has only one previous Emmy nomination without a win, it’s nevertheless the favorite to win Best Reality Series according to our racetrack odds. It’s favored by six out of nine experts, four out of five editors, 15 of our top 24 users, and 61% of all users. The series, in which wealthy entrepreneurs choose whether to invest in new businesses, was recently honored by the Television Critics Association for Best Achievement in Reality.

But it faces tough competition from Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch,” which entered the category for the first time in 2011 and won, after having unsuccessfully competed in the separate Nonfiction Series race from 2006-2010. It was snubbed from this category in 2012, but returns this year and ranks second, backed by three experts, one editor, one of our top 24 users, and 21% of all users.

MythBusters,” also on Discovery, is nominated for the fifth year in a row, but has yet to win. It ranks third in our predictions with support from two of our top 24 users and 8% of all users.

CBS’s “Undercover Boss” was the surprise winner in this category last year, but predictors don’t expect lightning to strike twice. It ranks fourth, with only one of our 24 users and 6% of all users expecting it to prevail.

Rounding out the category with distant odds are PBS’s long-running “Antiques Roadshow,” the most nominated program in this category’s history with nine bids but no wins, and the Food Network’s first-time nominee “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

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