Poll: Do YOU want Stephen Colbert to enter Comedy Actor Emmy race?

“The best idea I’ve ever heard!” I shouted during our editors’ Emmy slugfest when Tom O’Neil asked me and Daniel Boneschankser what we thought of Matt Noble’s diabolically clever recommendation that Stephen Colbert should enter the race for Lead Comedy Actor. (See Noble’s original analysis on this topic here.)

Since Colbert’s old category Best Individual Performance in a Variety Series doesn’t exist anymore, the “Colbert Report” host and all other talk show hosts have been in a state of slumber, watching while everyone else around them get nominated for Emmys. It’s time for Colbert to make a stand and enter himself into a competetive race again, if for no other reason than to shake up the derby. After all, this year’s contenders for Best Comedy Actor aren’t exactly sending anyone screaming for the hills in excitement.

Here are some of our Editors’ thoughts on Colbert’s possible category shift from their newest Slugfest. See the full video chat below.

Tom O’Neil: “We see the Variety stars nominated in the Supporting race all the time — the “Saturday Night Live” people, right? So somebody needs to run for Best Comedy Actor from the Variety thing. And Stephen Colbert, if he had the guts to do it, might get in. And of course it’s so outlandish, he might even win.”

Daniel Boneschankser: “I can’t believe they hadn’t thought of that before. Especially when they got rid of the Variety Performer category. You would think that when you’ve been submitting in a certain category for a while and then it’s just gone, that you would look for an opening somewhere — ‘Where can I possibly submit?’ I think if he submits himself, I think he could easily get nominated, and he could win. I think he would be a very strong contender for an upset to shake things up a bit.”

Marcus Dixon: “I was watching ‘Louie‘ today actually before our chat. Louis C.K. is just playing himself, and Stephen Colbert is playing a character. So if Louis C.K. can get nominated, why not Stephen Colbert?”

One thing all of our Editors are in agreement: If Colbert get nominated as Best Comedy Actor, he needs to give Matt Noble a personal thank you for coming up with this crazy idea in the first place.

Our Editors have had their say, now it’s your turn. Do you think Stephen Colbert should enter the Emmy race for Comedy Lead Actor? Vote in our poll!

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