Now you can explain your award predictions at Gold Derby

A new feature at Gold Derby invites users to do more than just list their Emmy/ Oscar/ Grammy predictions in each award category. They can now add text to explain their thinking.

See images above. Notice the text block at left at the bottom of my list of projected Emmy nominees for Best Comedy Actress. Recently, I changed my pick to Tina Fey (“30 Rock“) so I explain my rationale: “Tina Fey is a proven winner in this category (2008) and now has a strong advantage if she gives Emmy judges the final episode of ’30 Rock.’ It’s one-hour long and full of heart-tugging scenes. Other stars have won for the final episode of their shows — like Sarah Jessica Parker (‘Sex and the City’).”

I inputted the text in the new box you can find at the bottom of a typical prediction box (image at right, above) while using the easy drop-and-drag menus to rank your projected nominees according to likelihood of winning.

Give the new function a try — see below.


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