Watch: Zosia Mamet dishes losing virginity and causing heartache on ‘Girls’

Reflecting on getting the part of Shoshanna in “Girls,” Zosia Mamet admits in the video chat below: “I was actually a little bit shocked when I got the part because I didn’t go to college. So I was never really around sorority girls and I’ve never really met that type of individual before. So I was just sort of winging her a little bit.”

At the end of the show’s first season her character lost her virginity. The actress thinks “that’s an experience that changes anybody, especially a young woman. It was something that was sort of her cross to bear for the first season… and it was a big deal for all of us when she lost it. In the second season she’s no longer a virgin, she has this boyfriend and I think that marks a big aspect of her growing up.”

As for Shoshanna’s role on the show, Mamet says: “We often refer to her as the moral compass of the show… I think that there’s a naiveté and a sincerity to her that the other ones don’t necessarily have… there’s part of her that will never be able to do anything without being herself.” 

Despite being this moral compass, her sexual awakening led to Shoshanna cheating on Ray with a doorman. The actress defends the choice of her character, arguing “it felt very organic to me… she [Lena Dunham] writes all the characters as exceptionally human and humans play against type constantly in life; especially when you’re growing up… So it seemed like something natural to me to take this character who had just discovered her sexuality and have her go a little too far with it.”

And, as for the resulting break up with Ray which ended the second season, Mamet admits, “It was really sad, I remember the first time I read it and I got so sad and a texted Lena and was like “We’re breaking up?” and Alex Karpovsky legitimately made me cry while filming that scene … Breaking up is never fun to do and I wanted it to work out for them but I knew it was never going to.”

A different kind of highlight from the season was when Shoshanna told Ray she loved him at a subway stop: “It felt very New York and very Woody Allen and very kind of epic to declare my love while subway trains were going by… the subway was still running so we had to shoot around the trains… it was an exciting day.”

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