Watch: Guillermo Diaz surprised by twists on ‘Scandal’

In a recent episode of the ABC hit drama “Scandal,” Huck recalled the family he had before he was brainwashed by the government. Was this a forgotten past or just a figment of the character’s imagination. The man who plays Huck, Guillermo Diaz, admits, “I played it as if he did [have a family].” 

In a video chat with GoldDerby, he revealed that he did not find out about Huck’s past until he received the script: “It’s television. You don’t find out stuff til you are doing that episode” but “it kind of brings a spontaneity to it and an organic feel to it… Now I’m kind of starting to enjoy that I don’t know everything about my character… It kind of makes it more exciting to play.” On the impact this revelation will have on the future in of the show he says, “It definitely will kind of colour my performance for the other episodes.”

As to whether Huck will ever be reunited with his family, Diaz speculates, “I would love to see that, I honestly don’t know, but I can’t see how Shonda [Rhimes] wouldn’t bring back… his wife and his son. It would make for a really really great episode… So I’m hoping for it.”

Huck’s skills as an interrogator means that Diaz also has to embrace the darkness in his performance. “You see Huck torturing people in that episode [‘752’] but he’s enjoying it… In the present you have seen Huck torture but he is in despair about it and he doesn’t want to be that person anymore. It’s almost torture for him to have to torture someone.” 

Diaz says that the show’s casting director described Huck’s presence as “really loud and really quiet at the same time.” In the show’s ensemble Huck “brings realness to the show… there’s always something going on in the back of his head… all the other characters are really talky and flashy… and Huck is just that real, quiet, focused and intense presence.”

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